DJI Upgrades Their Enterprise Drone Line with Matrice 350 RTK

Though not strictly designed for cinematic use, DJI’s enterprise-level Matrice series gets an impressive upgrade with the DJI Matrice 350 (M350) RTK Commercial drone.

The Matrice M350 offers extended flight time, all-weather construction, advanced navigation and object avoidance, and various payload configurations for just about any aerial mission, which could include aerial cinematography.

Image Credit – DJI Enterprise

Inching its way toward breaking the coveted one-hour flight ceiling, the Matrice M350 can have a maximum flight time of up to 55 minutes and a top-flight altitude of just under 23,000 feet (7000m).

Though it’s important to remember that federal and local aviation regulations will restrict that distance dramatically unless a waiver is granted.

The Matrice 350 RTK adopts utilizes a four-antenna transceiver system to manage both the video signal and remote control telemetry.

The system will select the two best antenna signals to transmit, while all four antennas will work corporately to receive the best possible signal from the operator.

With DJI’s long-range O3 Enterprise transmission protocol, the M350 supports a triple-channel live video feed in 1080p HD and can transmit that signal with AES 256 transmission encryption to a distance of 12.43 miles (20km).

Image Credit – DJI Enterprise

The M350 can also withstand brisk gusts of wind, offering flight regimes with a maximum wind resistance of nearly 27 mph (12 m/s).

Its foul weather capability doesn’t stop there, either, with a protection rating of IP55 and the ability to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -4° to 122° F (-20° to 50° C).

Using a six-directional sensing and positioning binocular vision function and an infrared sensing system, the M350 has minute awareness, positioning, and obstacle-sensing capabilities, with the optional ability to even detect powerlines and smaller objects through the CSM Radar module, which can detect and avoid anything that could get in the way and bring the drone down.

Image Credit – DJI Enterprise

The M350 offers high-precision mapping and terrain following with waypoint, oblique, and linear flight missions and can work with DJI Terra to obtain both 2D and 3D digital data collection for mapping.

The drone can generate and store numerous flight route files, which can be accessed any time that an automated flight operation is required, that can save flight time and effort through motion-controlled flight regimes.

Image Credit – DJI Enterprise

There is also support for a DJI Zenmuse night vision camera providing FPV night vision capabilities, by presenting the surroundings and obstacles during flight at night.

It works in tandem with the PinPoint function to provide better navigation for safe flight, assisting in more confident operation at night.

Image Credit – DJI Enterprise

The drone can also be controlled through the DJI RC Plus remote flight controller, which has a 7-inch LCF touch screen with a brightness of up to 1200 nits.

It can operate for up to six hours and supports the same hot-swapping battery technique to extend that operation even further.

And with an IP rating of 54, the operator can withstand almost as much bad weather as the drone itself. The remote is also compatible with the M300 RTK drone, and uses the DJI Pilot 2 app.

The M350 enjoys a maximum payload of 5.95 pounds (2.7 kg) and offers numerous hard points for attaching various Zenmuse model cameras depending on the overall mission parameters.

The M350 can also work with third-party payloads through the DJI Payload SDK.

The drone also uses a new dual TB65 dual battery system, which can be “hot swapped” during operation to eliminate the need to power off the UAV to put in a new power cell.

The batteries have also been designed to have a power cycle lifespan of up to 400 charge cycles, reducing the cost of replacing them over time and thereby making each flight more affordable.

Image Credit – DJI Enterprise

The batteries can also be stored and recharged using the BS65 intelligent battery system, which can not only manage the battery life of each cell but can also place the batteries in a lower storage mode at 50% to increase the overall battery life when not in use.

The BS65 system can also charge in ready-to-fly mode, which can quickly bring each battery up to 90%, and be ready for flight with minimal downtime. The battery station is designed with a Pelican-style hard shell and 360°-movement wheels for convenient transportation.

Image Credit – DJI Enterprise

Pricing and Availability

The DJI Matrice 350 RTK Enterprise Drone is available now for a retail price of $9,549.00 and it comes with a 2-year basic DJI Care warranty or $400 less with one year of protection.

The DJI BS65 Intelligent Battery System is available separately for $1200.

[source: DJI Enterprise]

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