Canon Announces New C400 6K Cinema Camera and CineServo 17-120mm Lens

On the eve of CineGear 2024, Canon unveiled a new cinema camera called the EOS C400 Camera.

This full-frame camera features a 6K backside-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor, a native RF mount, support for Canon’s next-generation dual pixel AF II autofocus, and the ability to capture 12-bit raw original camera files at 6K up to 60 frames per second using a new triple-base ISO, providing a wider dynamic range in various shooting conditions.

The C400 uses Canon RAW Light to capture the full frame of the image sensor, and it can also oversample that 6K sensor for improved 4K image quality at up to 120 fps, or 2K at up to 180 fps.

Canon RAW Light offers three different recording modes, depending on camera operator preferences and workflow requirements such as file size needs.

Image Credit – Canon USA

The C400 also incorporates Canon’s new Triple-Base ISO setting, which measures light at 800, 3200, and 12,800 ISO for expanded dynamic range.

The new ISO scheme allows for capturing brilliant full-sun landscapes without clipping and preserves detail in low-light conditions such as nighttime shoots or capturing natural light interiors.

The camera also has an automatic clear-scan mode that detects a light source’s frequency, helping to reduce or eliminate flickering.

The C400 can also capture using XF-AVC for 10-bit 4:2:2 video which also oversamples the 6K sensor for better 4K image quality, and Canon is introducing two additional codecs XF-AVC S and XF-HEVC S.

These two new formats are wrapped in the traditional MP4 wrapper and can be used to incorporate metadata for a more efficient post-production workflow.

The camera uses a CFExpress slot for recording original camera files, and lower-resolution proxies are saved to the secondary SD card slot. This allows for simultaneous image capture, even when using RAW.

Image Credit – Canon USA

The camera features various input and output interfaces including mini-XLR audio, DIN connectors for timecode and genlock, as well as 12-G-SDI and 3D-SDI monitor outputs. There is also a full-size HDMI connector, built-in WiFi support, and Ethernet.

The C400 can also be used for live video production with broadcast and streaming options and features a dedicated 12-pin lens terminal for broadcast and cine-servo lenses.

Canon has announced a new 17-120mm Lens to accompany the camera as well. The camera uses the SRT streaming protocol for video over IP and can be controlled remotely through Ethernet, WiFi, using the Canon Multi-Camera Remote Control app, or the RC-1P100 or 1000 remote controller.

Image Credit – Canon USA

The camera uses a native RF bayonet mount to accept Canon mirrorless lenses, but there is also a PL-RF mount adapter that opens up the camera to a variety of other PL-mount cinema lenses.

The mount has metadata connectors to transmit lens information through the Cookie i/Technology protocol and includes locking plates to ensure mounting robustness and security.

Image Credit – Canon USA

The Canon Cine-Servo-17-120mm Cinema Lens

Canon is also introducing a new addition to its Cine-Servo line of cinema lenses, the Cine-Servo 17-120mm Cinema Lens, which offers a variety of features including autofocus, distortion correction, and metadata output.

The Lens has a speed range of T2.95-3.9 and sports an ENG-style motorized 7x zoom. The lens also has an 11-blade iris for a soft, round bokeh and reduced refraction issues.

The lens is available in either RF or PL mount configurations and supports ZEISS eXtended Data and Automatic Restoration of Illumination Attenuation (ARIA) features.

The lens also incorporates Canon’s latest e-Xs V servo drive for quick and quiet focus and iris adjustment with focus breathing compensation.

Pricing and Availability

The Canon Cinema EOS C400 Full Frame Cinema Camera will be available this fall, in September 2024, for a retail price of around $7,999.

The Cine-Servo 17-120mm Cinema Lens will be available a month later, in October, for a retail price of around $24,000. Meanwhile, the Canon PL-RF mount adapter will be available with the C400 in September for an additional $1,599.

Preorders are available through Canon directly, or its network of authorized retailers. More information can be found on the Canon Professional Cinema Website, and if you’re heading to CineGear at Warner Brothers Studios later this week, you can bet Canon will feature the C400 prominently for some good hands-on time.

[source: Canon]

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