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The New Line of Rugged G-Drives For Your Workflow on the Go

Having a reliable professional quality storage setup is essential, especially when working extensively in the field on a daily basis. I’ve been using a couple of removable G-Drives in the past few years on such occasions, when travelling and luckily enough I haven’t experienced any issues with them, however, I’ve always

A Quick Overview of the Tascam DR-10X Plug-On Linear PCM Recorder

There are so many affordable solutions to record quality audio these days, which there is no reasonable excuse not to capture sound in the best possible way. Here is an interesting alternative solution from Tascam – the compact DR-10X Plug-On Linear PCM Recorder that can be attached directly to your handheld

Packing Your Gear For Air Travel

There is nothing more exciting than the idea of an upcoming trip to a new unexplored destination outside of your country of residence. When you combine this with an actual shooting that is going to take place there, everything comes to place. The ability to travel abroad

4K Video Shootout – Samsung NX1 vs Panasonic LX100 vs BMPC

Some time ago we covered a Crazy Un-Scientific “Fatal Four-Way” Shootout: Canon 5D Mark III vs. GH4 vs. Sony A7s vs. Canon EOS C100 and now it’s time to look at the first 4K comparison test among the Samsung NX1, Panasonic LX 100 and BMPC 4K cameras. Again, it’s not a scientific test

Capturing 8K Quicklapse Video For a Commercial Project

Back in 2012 when the award-winning filmmaker and co-founder of the small production company Sanchez-Olaso, Miguel de Olaso Macgregor accidently found how he can take the time-lapse photography to a whole new level by developing the so-called Quicklapse technique. He was on a trip to Iceland when suddenly he ran across a damaged

Using Practical Lights On Set

Lighting a scene using practical lights should be a mandatory skill for every independent filmmaker, especially in the beginning of his/her career. Buying or renting professional lighting kit for a small self-financed indie project can often be a challenge due to budget restraints and limitations. Instead, using practical lights can

Some Simple Tips On How to Clean Your Camera Sensor

Shooting with dust and debris on your GH4, A7s or Canon 5D Mark III camera sensor can be quite annoying and frustrating experience, especially when you are working in bright environments. Dust shows up as soft dark spots in the image, which often can ruin your shooting experience, and

The MōVI Gimbals Get A New Firmware Update

Freefly’s 3-axis stabilized gimbals MōVI M5, M10, M15 just got a new firmware update. The latest 4.01 version of the software adds some new features that enhance the overall system’s capabilities and workflow on set and in post-production as well. The associated Freefly Configurator app for Windows, Mac OS and Android have been updated

A Must Watch “City Destruction” After Effects Tutorial

Special effects and computer generated imagery (CGI) in particular always have been one of the most expensive aspects of every movie production. This is one of the main reasons why this technology was exclusively available only for the biggest Hollywood productions where often tens, even hundreds of millions

Tips & Tricks On Shooting A Multicam Production

Spotting more than one production camera on a small movie or music video set is very common nowadays. The access to affordable cameras is going wider constantly as the tools are getting cheaper, more advanced and inexpensive than ever before. It’s not a precedent for many filmmakers anymore to own two

Integrating GoPro Shots with Your Main Camera Footage

There are many good reasons why GoPro is one of the most popular cameras in the world today, not only for the majority of extreme sports enthusiasts but also for many professional cinematographers and filmmakers as well. Throughout recent years, the nifty camera was used in many big

More Panasonic Varicam 35 Test Footage For Your Consideration

With the latest firmware upgrade, that enables Full HD recording in ProRes 422 HQ and 12-bit AVC-Intra 4K 4:4:4 recording, higher variable frame rate support up to 120fps for AVC-Intra 100 and AVC-Intra 4K-LT (4:2:2) along with the ability to shoot true 24p in DCI 4K/2K mode, the odds are the Panasonic Varicam 35

Cinemartin Ships a New 4K Recorder in Summer Of 2015

If you are in the market for a new external recorder for your 4K camera, you might be interested in the recent announcement of a first recorder by Cinemartin due to be released this summer. The Spanish company, known for the famous Prores and HEVC H.265 standalone & plugin video converters, recently has announced

A Dirt Cheap External Battery Power Solution for the Sony A7s

Dirt cheap DIY solutions often can be a great substitute for the more expensive and bulky ones that you can find on the market these days. They can be more efficient and definitely can give you plenty bang for your buck. Recently, we’ve covered an inexpensive solution on how to use your

Impressive ‘Watchtower Of Turkey’ Merges Hyperlapse and Motion Video

An inspiring story, innovative ideas, stunning visuals, seamless editing, superb soundtrack these are just some of the requisite ingredients for a visually compelling masterpiece. It takes time, patience, dedication, talent, creative vision, and a lot of hard work to pull off such a project, that can indeed elevate and make your work stand out in our

How To Choose Decent Audio Reference Monitors

Audio monitors are an essential piece of equipment that is often overlooked by many filmmaking beginners and enthusiasts. Quality audio is a main asset in every production, whether it’s a short, documentary, commercial or a feature film. Every single decision with regards to audio you make in the production is entirely

Replicating The Anamorphic Look in After Effects

As filmmakers we can always tell the difference between the “anamorphic look” and the one achieved with commonly used spherical lenses. The aberrations such as the long horizontal lens flares, oval bokeh, highly curved corners, “breathing” of the lens all typical for the look of some of the biggest