or How We Made Not One, But Two

Feature Films with No Money

You want to make your first feature film, but always find reasons that stop you? Whether it's a lack of time or money, or maybe you are waiting for the next great camera to make your film look like a Hollywood blockbuster, you feel that you are stuck and can't move forward. 

What if we told you, this was exactly how we felt not that long ago? There is not better time than right now to make your film! Regardless of your experience, you can do it. 

And we have the proof below!

In Our No Budget Filmmaking Guide you'll find NOT 1, BUT 2 Case Studies in which we show you how we shot our first feature films "The Sixth Day" & "Bandit" with very little of our own money, basic affordable gear and a handful of dedicated friends as our crew!   

by Ogy & Vlady from 4KShooters.net

What This Guide Has To Offer

Learn How We Made 2 Feature Films - including all the gear we used, how we used it, and everything we did from pre-production to post-production!

Two Detailed Case Studies

90 Minutes of Video 

We packed our three and a half year cumulative journey of making our debut feature films into a 100+ easy to read PDF Guide, which you can read on your laptop, tablet or iPhone.

15 Excel/Word Templates

We've included vital production document templates including - Budgets, Schedules, Call Sheets, Script Breakdown, Crew and Actor release forms plus much more! Every producer needs these! 

Trailers with Commentary

We show  you how we cut our trailers and have also included a Photoshop (.psd) file for one of the posters for The Sixth Day, so you can do your own adjustments!

"How to" Tutorials on Audio, Green Screen, DCP, and Trailers Including a 43+ minute Behind the Scenes video with Commentary plus commentary  & a Blooper Reel

Download 3 Sample Sections (15+ Pages) for FREE

Click on the link below to download 3 full sections from the Guide (25+ pages) Absolutely FREE!

Sections include: 1. Budgeting, 2. Casting, and 3. The Gear I Used to Shoot My Feature Film.

BONUS Tutorial - Green Screen on "The Sixth Day"

You can check out more than 90+ of Behind the Scenes and More Tutorials included in the Full Guide!

Check out the trailer for "The Sixth Day", one of the two feature film case studies from our Guide

About the authors 

Vlady Radev

A director, who operates his own camera and cut his teeth making no budget music videos on his Canon 7D DSLR. As a freelance cameraman he's shot short films, independent documentaries and ENG work. 

In 2014, alongside Vlady Radev, he co-founded 4KShooters.net - a filmmaking blog dedicated to the latest trends, news, gear reviews and industry happenings.

The other half of 4KShooters.net, Vlady spent the last 15 years working as sound engineer in one of the biggest radio stations in the country. In the meantime, he also founded a small production company where he shot and cut a ton of low-budget music videos and short films. 

An independent filmmaker in every sense of the word, Vlady shot and completed his debut feature film "The Sixth Day" in 2013 and self distributed theatrically across Bulgaria.

Ogy Stoilov

Frequently Asked Questions

This guide is not meant to be an exact Step-By-Step Guide as to what you need to do - rather - in this guide we have summarised (some places in greater detail) our own experience on shooting our debut feature films. 

We have provided a full list of gear we used and techniques we used. How to make a movie - is not something that can be taught in our opinion in a "blanket step by step" approach. However, we firmly believe that our experience we shared in this guide is a good proof that you can get away with a lot less than you think and still make your film. 

Q: Is this guide a step-by-step guide? 

Q: Who is this guide for?

This guide is aimed at those who have some basic video producing experience - whether it is short films, music videos, weddings or events, how want to take the next step!

Q: What software do I need to open the guide and the additional materials?  

To open the PDF guide you need a Adobe Reader, which is free. If you don't have one installed - head over here to download.

You can play back the video tutorials by using VLC Player, BS Player or any other application supporting .MP4 container and H.264 encoding.

Q: How can I pay? 

You can pay with a debit or credit card (VISA/Mastercard/American Express) or use your Paypal account. 

After a successful theatrical release in the Winter of 2013, Vlady Radev's "The Sixth Day" is currently distributed by Bulgarian distributor A+ Films, who are due to release the film on Cable TV and DVD in Bulgaria. We expect to offer the film via popular VOD platforms like Vimeo, iTunes, GooglePlay after the distribution deal expires. 

The other film in the guide - "Bandit" directed by Ogy Stoilov, is currently in post-production and with re-shoots and pickup schedules for later in 2015. We expect to release the film on popular VOD platforms such as the ones above sometime in 2016. 

Q: When can I see the completed films? 

Q: How do I contact you? 

For technical support and all other questions related to the product, please contact us at [email protected]

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Why put off making your first feature film and taking your filmmaking career to the next level?