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The Benefits of Shooting 4K RAW on the BMPC

Shooting raw video is one of the most demanding and appealing features for many indie filmmakers. For many years, this feature was available only on higher priced models like the Red One from Red Digital Cinema. Blackmagic Design implemented that feature in all of the three models of cameras

Adobe Anywhere for Filmmakers and Video Shooters

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort. As such, it is so important for filmmakers to have the creative freedom and the ability to access their own content remotely without physical constraints and limitations. No matter where your team members are physically located, it would be great if  all of them

How to Achieve A Film Look With The Panasonic GH4

All indie filmmakers put a great deal of effort in order to achieve the so-called “film look” in their work. However, what does “film look” mean by definition and how do we get it? In short, a film look is a process in which video images are augmented to appear

4K Digital Restorations Bring Classic Films Back To Life

One usually associates 4K with digital cameras solely as an acquisition format in terms of resolution. 4K TV’s help us enhance the home viewing experience, however, the lack of 4K home media solutions means we are still limited to 1080p Blu-rays and SD DVD’s upscaled to HD.

What Is It Like To Be An Independent Filmmaker In 2014?

A few days ago on Vimeo, I saw an awesome and inspiring short video called “Making Room” produced by The Music Bed. It features the infamous UK-based cinematographer Philip Bloom and his journey to success as a freelancer. Building a career as a filmmaker has shown him that the greatest rewards in

New Video & Review of the Sony A7S

The new 4K capable DSLR from Sony – the A7s has been getting reviews by industry professionals left and right. And that’s not a coincidence at all. Impressive on specs alone, the Sony A7s is one of the most eagerly-awaited cameras of 2014. It is a very

The Three Boom Mics That Simply Do The Job

Recording high-quality, top-notch production audio on set is one of the most important aspects of the filmmaking process. Whether you capture images in standart definition, HD, 2K or 4K resolution, audio is pretty much a constant. Some say that your film/video production is 50% audio, so production