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Two Easy Ways to Create Dramatic Camera Moves with a Slider

Having a slider with you on set is always an excellent way to create some buttery-smooth shots for your production. But, what if you want to take this approach to a whole new level? In the following production tutorial below, part of Premium Beat’s Awesome Cinematography series, Brent Pierce reveals a few

An Interview With SNL DP Alex Buono About His New Filmmaking Workshop

Alex Buono is a dedicated cinematographer with incredibly unique experience best known for his work as Director of Photography for the Saturday Night Live film unit since 1999. “Quite frankly, when I began there (SNL) I really had no business shooting a television show,” Buono admits in a conversation with me. “I

Add More Depth To Your Shots By Utilising a Fog Machine

There are numerous ways to create more depth in your shots from using various popular cinematography techniques such as utilising high contrast lighting, shooting wide open, getting creative with angles to adding foreground elements, moving your camera, changing the perspective and everything in between. In general, every trick that helps to