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Add More Depth To Your Shots By Utilising a Fog Machine

There are numerous ways to create more depth in your shots from using various popular cinematography techniques such as utilising high contrast lighting, shooting wide open, getting creative with angles to adding foreground elements, moving your camera, changing the perspective and everything in between. In general, every trick that helps to

Metabones Speed Booster vs. “Dummy” MFT Adapters

Chicago-based Magnanimous Media recently tested the worth of Metabones’ pricey and desirable Speed booster lens adapters against their direct “dummy” adapter counterparts, for EF and Nikon adapters aimed at the Panasonic GH4 and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera on their YouTube channel. The benefits of using EF or F lens

How to Properly Set Up The “Eyelighter” Curved Reflector

The Eyelighter is the world’s first curved reflector for portrait photographers and photography enthusiasts. However, it can also be quite efficient when used by videographers in different situations such as commercial shoots, interviews, documentaries, indoor dialogue scenes, etc.Created by the portrait photographer Larry Peters and Westcott Company as the