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A $75 DIY Slider from Rhino Camera Gear

OK, so now that Christmas is behind us, and we’ve (sort of) sobered up, maybe feeling a little depressed after seeing the latest credit card bill, hoping the wife won’t see that last gear purchase you made at 3:45am online in secrecy. The mid-festive between Christmas and

Metabones Speed Booster vs. “Dummy” MFT Adapters

Chicago-based Magnanimous Media recently tested the worth of Metabones’ pricey and desirable Speed booster lens adapters against their direct “dummy” adapter counterparts, for EF and Nikon adapters aimed at the Panasonic GH4 and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera on their YouTube channel. The benefits of using EF or F lens

CYMATICS: Science Meets Music In An Audio-Visual Extravaganza

According to Wikipedia, the word Cymatics derives from the Greek ‘kyma’ meaning ‘billow’ or ‘wave,’ to describe the periodic effects that sound and vibration have on matter. Drawing inspiration from a documentary he saw on a rare disorder called Synesthesia, which causes some people to see a

How to Properly Set Up The “Eyelighter” Curved Reflector

The Eyelighter is the world’s first curved reflector for portrait photographers and photography enthusiasts. However, it can also be quite efficient when used by videographers in different situations such as commercial shoots, interviews, documentaries, indoor dialogue scenes, etc.Created by the portrait photographer Larry Peters and Westcott Company as the

The Infinity (Magic) Arm for GoPro, A7s, GH4 and Other Cameras

There is always a high demand for more quality affordable grip equipment. One of those that deserves consideration is the Infinity Arm.The Infinity Arm is a fully articulated arm equipped with 360° rotatable and interchangeable ends that are attached to a quick release to add and remove accessories.It offers versatile support

Some Useful Tips For Working With Composers

The film score is another very important aspect of the filmmaking process. Whether you are about to produce a short or a feature film, you would need to collaborate with the best composer you can find and afford. It is always better to work with a composer, rather than

DIY Eyecup For The OLED Viewfinder On The Sony A7s

The Sony A7s is gaining significant momentum among shooters looking for that unique full-frame wide dynamic range image and unrivalled sensitivity. However, despite all the horsepower and features under the hood, just like with most tools, the A7s isn’t perfect. And it is just a matter of time before

Panasonic GH4 vs Sony A7s Epic Shootout & Review

Since the Panasonic GH4 was released earlier this year there have been countless reviews and shootouts. And that’s not surprising as the GH4 is kickass little camera, which was the first affordable mirrorless camera or DSLR-sized one if you will to shoot 4K video and do a pretty

The Beauty of Black & White 4K Cinematography

Shooting in black & white is still a bit of a challenge for many filmmakers and definitely it’s not a simple and straightforward process. Many professional cinematographers claim that it is even harder to shoot in black & white compared to shooting in colour. As a rule of

The Benefits of Shooting 4K RAW on the BMPC

Shooting raw video is one of the most demanding and appealing features for many indie filmmakers. For many years, this feature was available only on higher priced models like the Red One from Red Digital Cinema. Blackmagic Design implemented that feature in all of the three models of cameras

What Is It Like To Be An Independent Filmmaker In 2014?

A few days ago on Vimeo, I saw an awesome and inspiring short video called “Making Room” produced by The Music Bed. It features the infamous UK-based cinematographer Philip Bloom and his journey to success as a freelancer. Building a career as a filmmaker has shown him that the greatest rewards in