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RED KOMODO 6K Camera Module – What We Know So Far

Another day, another teaser from RED. Slowly, but surely, RED SEO Jarred Land continues to spill the beans on the mysterious KOMODO 6K camera module that’s supposed to be a complimentary unit working in conjunction with the RED HYDROGEN smartphones. A few essential details emerged thus far,

RED HYDROGEN Two Smartphone Officially in the Making

Just a few hours ago, the former SEO and founder of RED Digital Cinema Jim Jannard spilled the beans on the upcoming second iteration of their rather polarizing RED Hydrogen One smartphone. In a short post published on, Jannard explains that the new device, as well

Taking RED Helium 8K Camera Apart?

A RED camera is probably one of the most common items on filmmaker’s wish lists all over the world, and most of them would treasure it as a divine relic, not dreaming in their life to even take out a single screw. But famous YouTuber Linus Sebastian

Atomos and RED ink a Royalty-Based License Agreement

Atomos and RED Digital Cinema have shaken hands recently on some sort of a “royalty-based license agreement” as their press release puts it. The said agreement is in relation to “…Atomos’ use of some of RED’s intellectual property.”  However, even though this statement lacks any concrete details

New RED Touch Ultra-Brite 7-inch Monitor for DSMC2

RED Digital Cinema just announced a new monitor addition to their DSMC2 accessories lineup. The new RED DSMC2 Touch 7.0-inch “Ultra-Brite” uses a single cable for power and video signal transmission and features a Gorilla Glass LCD panel with the super-bright 2200 nits enabling cinematographers to use

RED Dragon-X 5K S35 Joins the Unified DSMC2 Family

RED Digital Cinema has just added the Dragon-X 5K S35 sensor option into the unified DSMC2 system. The Dragon 5K S35 sensor addition to the DSMC2 lineup marks the 4th option cinematographers now have when choosing a sensor for the simplified, and unified DSMC2 family, which also

Shot on RED: First 8K Video from Space

NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) just released the first 8K footage from space, shot on RED. Whether you are a resolution junkie, or a space nerd, or even a future astronauts and/or scientist, you marvel at the awesome 8K footage from  the ISS, bringing life in


If shooting black and white images is your thing and you’re currently in the market for a high-end cinema camera with enhanced resolution and heightened light sensitivity than the just announced RED 8K MONSTRO MONOCHROME has got you covered. The newcomer has no color filters on the sensor,

First Look at the Kinefinity MAVO + Sample Footage

In mainstream professional filmmaking, RED and ARRI are inarguably synonymous when it comes to high-end cinema camera systems. Back in March, however, Chinese-based budget camera maker Kinefinity introduced the MAVO, a Super 35mm cinema camera aimed to provide professional grade footage at a fraction of the cost