Building a Budget 4K Video Editing PC for $700 in 2019

Matt Johnson seems like a lovely guy and in this video, he is here to help you build a video editing computer that will do the job but for a very tidy price – $700! Sounds too good to be true but this is legit. This video won’t tell you how to put the computer together but fortunately, Matt has covered the build process before so it’s easy to catch that video too.

Putting together a bespoke edit computer, or any computer for that matter can seem a daunting task but when you break it down to the simple parts and follow some good advice, it doesn’t have to be a headache.

Have a look at the video below for just that kind of good advice from Matt.

The build here will work for HD and 4K video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve. It won’t run FCPX as that is Mac only and this is going to be a Windows machine. This system should work happily for years to come and can be updated and upgraded over time.

1. The motherboard



This is not the most exciting part of the system but it is what everything else is based on, literally. The GPU, CPU and RAM all stick to this thing. Matt’s recommendation is shown below but as with most of the components suggested here, there are other upgrade options available that can increase the power and speed of your machine.

2. The CPU

Ryzen Processor

This is the brain of the computer and it’s very important as it has a lot to do with your edit and render speeds. More CPU cores and threads, the faster your system will be. The faster your system the more production you can be. The CPU should also be cooled and the option shown below comes with cooling built-in.

Again there are upgrade options available.

3. RAM

This is the memory your computer uses to run the tasks you ask of it. Not to be confused with the memory for storage in your system. I do love the names of some of these components – ‘the Corsair Vengeance’!

4. The Graphics Card

Despite some crazy crypto-currency market fluctuations affecting the price of graphics cards, there are still plenty of options. There are great NVIDIA and RADEON cards to fit your budget.

5. Storage

An SSD will be faster and more reliable than a Hard Disc Drive and there are affordable options in the 250GB range.

6. Power

This new system will need power and a basic PSU will do the job. A small upgrade will see a tidier PSU with less extraneous wiring.

7. The case

You have to put all this computer power into something and a basic case won’t set you back too much at all. The suggested model even comes in a selection of colours. The NZXT has good airflow, a nice open design to easy access and installations and will make your life easy.

So there you have $700, or thereabouts, of video editing computer. The optional upgrades will increase the price but that’s all about your budget. Not mentioned, but very important is a monitor. There are hundreds of options for HD and 4K monitors, Matt gives a few suggestions but you can’t go far wrong.

Similarly, a mouse and keyboard and pretty essential and fortunately not too pricy or difficult to choose.

All the prices noted in the video are subject to change and market fluctuation but this is a great starting point for a home build and hopefully help to take some of the fear out of starting a computer build of your own.

[source: Matt WhoisMatt Johnson]

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