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RED Komodo 6K to Hit the Market Soon Selling for $6,000

More and more details regarding the long-awaited and highly anticipated RED Komodo 6K camera emerged earlier today. The upcoming camera should be available soon in custom colors and limited quantities starting at $6,000. According to Jarred Land, the current president of RED Digital Cinema, the custom colored

Sony VENICE Firmware V6.0 Announced

Sony has just unveiled more details regarding the upcoming VENICE Firmware V6.0. It seems that most of the features that will be implemented in V6 are coming as a result of the recent feedback from VENICE customers and users. Some of the additions and enhancements include even

Full Frame vs Super 35 – What Are The Differences?

In the words of Little Richard, “It’s not the size of the ship; it’s the size of the waves.” Understanding the differences in image sensor sizes amid today’s evolving camera technology is important when determining the look you’re intending to capture as a cinematographer. Camera manufacturers are

RED Komodo 6K New Footage Emerges

While many folks are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the upcoming RED Komodo 6K camera, the president and co-owner of RED Digital Cinema Jarred Land has recently shared some new RED Komodo footage on his Facebook profile. In the short clip below shot by Land

RED Dragon-X 5K S35 Now Shoots 6K Video Up to 100fps

The RED cameras have always been synonymous with higher resolutions while staying ahead of the competition in that particular regard since the introduction of RED One back in 2007. The company continues to push the envelope even today with the release of Firmware v7.3.0 update that unlocks

ARRI Pro Camera Accessories for Sony FX9

ARRI has announced their new Pro Camera Accessories for the Sony FX9 are now available to order from ARRI authorised dealers. The Sony FX9 camera itself is scheduled to ship now in December, however it will most likely be in limited quantities, with en-masse orders to be

RED Komodo 6K Sensor Size Revealed

One of the most burning questions that those interested in the upcoming RED Komodo 6K camera often ask is how big is the Komodo 6K sensor? Is it full-frame, is it Super35, or is it something in between. And just days ago, we got our answer. RED

RED Hydrogen Cancelled, RED Founder Jim Jannard Retires

The smart “holographic” device that was supposed to revolutionize the handheld devices space is sadly no longer. The RED Hydrogen is now officially cancelled as RED founder and self-made billionaire Jim Jannard announces retirement. At 70, Jim Jannard has accomplished what most of us would only dream