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8 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Using the BMPCC 6K

Blackmagic cameras have always been loved for their features and despised for all the small drawbacks you need to deal with to maximize performance. The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K is no exception. While an amazing deal with incredible options for indie filmmakers, it absolutely requires a bit

Hands On with the Canon C300 Mark III

The cinema camera that put Canon on the map was the original C300. A great size, well thought out controls, and top-notch image quality provided by a Super 35mm sensor put it on top for low- to mid-range budge productions and even some high-end shoots. The latest

Sony VENICE Firmware V6.0 Announced

Sony has just unveiled more details regarding the upcoming VENICE Firmware V6.0. It seems that most of the features that will be implemented in V6 are coming as a result of the recent feedback from VENICE customers and users. Some of the additions and enhancements include even

Closer Look at the Zhiyun Crane 3S Gimbal

Every day seems to bring another gimbal. The good thing is that every time it seems like they are getting better and more affordable for the features provided. If you didn’t see the latest release, that would be the Crane 3S from Zhiyun. What makes the Crane

Sony VENICE Firmware V5.0 Released

Sony VENICE owners would be more than happy to know that they can now download Firmware V5.0 for their favorite 6K CineAlta camera. The latest software update adds even more high frame rate options along with internal HD ProRes 4:4:4:4 recording, new built-in monitoring and VF features

Canon C500 Mark II Hands On and First Look

Canon has always been a brand well known in the filmmaking community. Well before the DSLR revolution, launched by Canon itself with the 5D Mark II (a camera that brought many newcomers in the video production field), we had a lot of camcorders and cameras made by

How Does the Canon 1DC Hold Up Against the EOS C200?

The Canon 1DC made a huge splash in the filmmaking community back in 2012 when it was officially introduced to the world. Fast forward seven years later and it is still one of the best DSLR cameras out there capable of shooting cinematic DCI compliant 4K 24p

Best Accessories for the BMPCC 4K

Pumped up to get out and shoot with your brand new Pocket 4K? Well, can’t say we’ve not been there. Every time we get a new camera, we can’t wait to put together a fancy and ergonomic rig, hit the road, and get shooting. The little sister