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How to Properly Set Up Your Ninja V

Atomos devices are awesome but complex. Loaded with a huge assortment of features, HDR, log, LUTs, audio etc. can make it intimidating for those new to advanced video. The Ninja V is one of their latest and most popular thanks to its capabilities and compact size that

Canon C200 vs Canon C500 Mark II Image Quality Comparison

The Canon C200 and C500 Mark II are very different cameras. They are also very similar. Both have raw recording, both are part of the Canon Cinema EOS system, and both offer some of Canon’s latest technology—including the much-loved Dual Pixel CMOS AF. The differences are quite

The Best Sony A7III Settings for Shooting Video

It is incredible just how good your average mirrorless or DSLR camera has gotten at video. You have cameras like the Sony A7III shooting footage suitable for films or broadcast television. The only downside I’ve found is that it has led to extremely complicated menus and control

Closer Look at the Zhiyun Crane 3S Gimbal

Every day seems to bring another gimbal. The good thing is that every time it seems like they are getting better and more affordable for the features provided. If you didn’t see the latest release, that would be the Crane 3S from Zhiyun. What makes the Crane

10 Tips for Editing Faster in Premiere Pro CC

Editing can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of any production. Anything a filmmaker can do to speed up their editing workflow is helpful. If you are looking to up your efficiency with Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or any other NLE, there are plenty of things

Face Replacement in After Effects Using a Still Image

Advanced effects such as face replacement can be intimidating. It sounds like something that is only available to big-budget productions with millions of dollars to spend on post. Fortunately, it can be easily accomplished at home using just After Effects, a still image, and AE Face Tools.