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Canon C200 vs BMPCC 6K Side-by-Side Comparison

A nice and beefy lineup of cameras seems to populate the horizon while myriads of filmmakers and DOPs approaching productions are having now more options than ever, at least in the indie scene. Despite the fact that most blockbusters and big productions are still being shot on

5 Hacks to Nail Focus When Shooting Video

The great appeal of mirrorless and DSLR cameras has always been the beautiful images these cameras could produce when compared to the camcorders we had before that. But how is it so? Well, the answer is quite simple: bigger is better! Puns aside, all previous (not cine)

Quick Tip: Shooting 6K Video on the Panasonic S1

Nope, that’s not a gimmick nor is it another notorious hack where you need to install some buggy third-party software to get this up and running. In fact, it’s a genuinely legit way to enable 6K video recording on your Panasonic S1. Surprisingly, the function is already

DJI Ronin-SC vs Zhiyun WEEBILL LAB Gimbal Comparison

It goes without saying, gimbals are ubiquitous these days. If you’ve been to any kind of tech convention or public event lately, odds are you’ve seen a multitude of videographers using small mirrorless cameras mounted on all types of stabilizers. It’s surely normal for professional filmmaking but

Instant Extra Zoom on Your Sony A7III

More often than not, if you’re working as a wedding videographer, ENG, or a documentary kind of shooter, you’ll find that any kind of tool or tip that can speed up your work, or even get it slightly faster and less cumbersome, is more than welcome. So,

Adobe Adds New Advanced Speed Feature to Premiere Rush

Adobe continues to improve their cross-device editing app Premiere Rush by turning into a more powerful and flexible platform that allows users to edit and share videos quickly and easily on the go from their smartphone, tablet or computer. The company just added an exciting new feature

Final Cut Pro Plugins & Templates

If you are a loyal fan of using Final Cut Pro for all your video editing projects, we have some fabulous news for you. Motion Array has just released FCPx Plugins to give you a plethora of easy-to-use, professional-grade plugins and templates for just about every aspect

How to Create Floating Messages in After Effects CC

I’m sure you’ve seen numerous videos where iPhone-style message notifications float in the air, as if they belong to the environment the shot takes place in. The graphics even go as far as following every bit of camera shake, emphasizing the faux-realism of the non-diegetic elements. If