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Slick Motion Effect in Premiere Pro CC

When it comes to handheld shooting and the associated visual aesthetics, many people tend to believe that there’s nothing fancy nor spectacular referring to this particular style of shooting. Nevertheless, there are still ways to create more dynamic-looking shots in post-production and spice up your footage with

How to Produce Smooth Video Without a Gimbal

With the advancements in ever-evolving filmmaking technology, gimbals and steadicams have changed the way we shoot smooth, stable footage forever. Despite all the attention given to companies like DJI and Zhiyun for their ubiquitous and intuitive gimbal stabilizers, many have forgotten that it’s still possible to achieve

How to Grade S-Log and Cine4 Footage in FCPX Using Curves

Color grading video captured with Sony’s proprietary picture profiles can be pretty hectic, especially for new editors. This is mainly because both S-Log and Cine4 produce extremely flat-looking footage that requires a decent amount of time to process in post. However, when it comes to grading clips

Best Ronin-S Settings for Capturing Smooth Cinematic Video

In situations when you need to discern between footage captured by enthusiast and seasoned professional, one of the key factors that really makes a difference is shot stability. In recent years, gimbal stabilizers have given indie filmmakers the opportunity to perform exceptionally smooth camera movements without having to

Use This Trick to Instantly Remove Flicker from Your Videos

If you’ve ever tried to film commercial fluorescent bulbs or neon signs, you’ll know that one of the most frustrating aspects of these lights is the potential for you to produce footage full of flicker. The issue can get even worse if you tend to shoot slow-motion video in

Five Tips To Speed Up Your Editing Workflow

The saying “time is money” applies to all professions, but perhaps none more so than filmmaking. Falling behind on just one project can have a catastrophic domino effect that takes weeks, sometimes months, to claw back from. Naturally, the best defense against this is to not ever

How to Get Better Cinematic Audio for Your Videos

Any filmmaker will tell you that when it comes to shooting video, the quality of your audio is just as important as the visuals. That being said, many productions tend to feel very one-dimensional due to the lack of proper audio mixing and sound design. So, if

How to Get Beautiful Skin Tones in Premiere Pro CC

Many filmmakers would agree that one of the most intimidating aspects of color grading would be retaining accurate, beautiful-looking skin tones. As you start adding on various LUTs, curves, and other color grading filters, it’s easy to get distracted, causing you to lose the natural appearance of

DIY Wireless Follow Focus Rig for the Zhiyun Crane 2

With improved overall design and enhanced feature set, the ubiquitous Zhiyun Crane 2 provides users with plenty of options as to how they want to operate their camera once it’s mounted on the gimbal itself. Nevertheless, you might be surprised to know that there are even more options

Six Dope In-Camera Video Transitions for Your Consideration

When it comes to creative video editing, sometimes utilizing traditional assets such as crossfades or zooms may seem too bland or even boring. Therefore, to create a more engaging montage, you might want to try out pulling off some in-camera video transitions, rather than relying on a

Handy Video Autofocus Trick for the Sony A7 III, A7R III, and A9 Cameras

The latest Sony mirrorless cameras have been praised for their many different focusing options. From continuous to specified focusing zones, Sony’s proprietary autofocusing technology is among the best available for filmmakers. However, the cameras’ integration of manual and autofocus makes it difficult for some users to utilize

Five Essential Film Looks Using Only One Light

The manner in which you light your subject can drastically affect the audience’s perception of your composition. For example, a contrasty light setup may convey a sense of secrecy or darkness. On the other hand, if your shot is balanced with low contrast, the audience may attain

How Much Should You Charge for Your Video Work?

When it comes to filmmaking, the business side of the craft is considered the least engaging, yet it’s the most important aspect since, without money, it’s very unlikely that any film project will ever come to life. For freelance videographers, one of the most significant challenges involved

Tips and Tricks on Finding the Best Camera Angles

It goes without saying, framing and composition has the power to completely change your narrative. As a filmmaker, it’s essential to understand how film language can manipulate the manner in which the audience interprets your visual storytelling, simply based on how you position your camera. For those

How to Speed Up Your FCP X Video Editing Workflow

For video editors, having an efficient and speedy workflow is essential to ensure tuneful delivery of the final video output without sacrificing quality. While many novices tend to overlook this aspect of the creative process, software developers of NLEs such as Final Cut Pro X have strategically