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Mavic Air 2 vs Mavic 2 Pro Side-by-Side Comparison

Recently launched, the DJI Mavic Air 2 certainly complicates things if you were planning on purchasing a new consumer drone. It seemed to be relatively easy before, with the Mavic 2 Pro being among the best if you needed solid image quality. Now, with the Mavic Air

Hands-On Review of the DJI Mavic Air 2

The Mavic Air 2 is DJI’s latest iteration of their prosumer high-tech drone. It looks like a cross between the Mavic 2 Pro and a bigger Mavic Mini, but packed inside is a new class of features that should take it up to the next level. Drones

Mavic Air vs Spark – Which One is Right for You?

It’s been a while since the first drones dropped on the market creating a small earthquake in indie filmmaking. Aerial photography used to be a prerogative of big-budget productions, often shot using helicopters, so the affordability of these small things that could fly and capture decent quality

8 Creative Ways to Use Your Mavic Mini Indoors

Being a drone filmmaker or photographer during a time when everyone is being asked to stay indoors isn’t ideal. That doesn’t mean you have to stop using it entirely, especially when you have a super tiny drone like the DJI Mavic Mini. Sure, is flying around the

Ronin S vs Weebill S – Which One to Pick?

Single-handed gimbals provide solo camera operators a compact, fast solution for stabilized filmmaking on the go but with so many offerings on the market which one is right for you? That’s a reasonable question, especially if you don’t have much prior experience with single-handed stabilizers and generally

Zhiyun WEEBILL-S vs Ronin-SC – Which One to Pick?

After a seemingly static period where most announcements in gimbal technology happened inside the realm of phone stabilizers, drone cameras and such, a new generation of handheld gimbals hit the market. Among the multitude of choices, though, there are two, in particular, which seem to catch most

DJI Mavic Mini Pocket-Sized Drone Announced

DJI has just announced their most ultra-lightweight and compact foldable drone to date. The new DJI Mavic Mini, comes in at just 249 grams, which means that you don’t have to register it with the FAA in the States (however you should check your local jurisdiction and their

Three Must-Know Features of the RONIN-SC

DJI, the renowned drone maker, has long ago entered the filmmaking industry with some pretty enticing products, most notable of which being the offerings belonging to the Ronin series. The latest addition to the lineup, the Ronin-SC is a compact single-handed gimbal packed with an abundance of

DJI Ronin-SC vs Zhiyun WEEBILL LAB Gimbal Comparison

It goes without saying, gimbals are ubiquitous these days. If you’ve been to any kind of tech convention or public event lately, odds are you’ve seen a multitude of videographers using small mirrorless cameras mounted on all types of stabilizers. It’s surely normal for professional filmmaking but

DJI Digital FPV System – Next Level Drone Racing!

Drone racing has been gaining momentum over the last couple of years and now the biggest and most popular consumer drone maker in the world, DJI, is taking drone racing to the next level with the newly announced DJI Digital FPV system. The new DJI digital FPV is

DJI Announces Switch Grip Dual Handle for the Ronin-S

Even though most single-handed gimbals like the Ronin-S are initially designed to be compact and leightweight, in reality, they end up being too heavy and bulky. Holding such a device for a long period of time could be a real struggle, not to mention the extra weight