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Five Reasons to Choose Micro 4/3 Over Full Frame

For the longest time, shooting with a full-frame camera has been the goal of every aspiring filmmaker. With a wider field of view and better image quality, there’s no surprise as to why people who shoot film strive to invest every dime they have into a full-frame

Ten Things to Consider About the Sony A7III

Beyond any doubt, Sony A7III is regarded as one of the most talked-about mirrorless cameras in 2018. Packed with a slew of pro-grade video features such as 24MP Full-Frame Exmor Sensor, UHD 4K30p video with HLG and S-Log3 Gammas, built-in 5-Axis image stabilization, and insane low-light capabilities,

Canon EOS R Hands-On and First Impressions

In a somewhat surprising move earlier this month, Canon had released its first pro-level full-frame mirrorless camera – the EOS R. Designed to compete directly with rivals of top-dog mirrorless manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic, it seems that this time the Japanese behemoth has pulled out all

The Ultimate Sony A7 III Rig for Video Shooters

Of all the mirrorless cameras that have been released this year, the Sony A7 III is indisputably one of the most popular used by filmmakers all over the world. Not only does the camera strike a balance between price and performance unlike any other in the market

Sony Now Officially Dominates the US Full-Frame Camera Market

Yeap, the company just announced that it’s now the official leader in the US full-frame interchangeable lens camera market, thus overtaking Canon and Nikon, in both units sold and dollars generated in the first half of 2018. The breaking news comes shortly after the previous announcements that it had

The Ultimate GH5/GH5S Camera Setup for Run-and-Gun Shooting

It goes without saying, the Panasonic GH5 and GH5S are two of the most popular mirrorless cameras used by filmmakers, from novices to full-time professionals and everyone in between. For those folks who find themselves using their GH5/GH5S for serious film projects, it’s highly recommended to invest

Sony A7 III vs A7R III vs A6500 vs GH5 Low Light Comparison

Less than a week ago, Sony released the third iteration of their entry-level full-frame mirrorless – the A7III, a camera that immediately made waves in the independent filmmaking community. With an improved 24MP back-illuminated full-frame sensor coupled with updated features such as the long-awaited 4K recording in Full

Two New Audio Features on the Panasonic GH5S You Might Not Know About

Back in January, Panasonic introduced the Lumix DC-GH5S mirrorless camera, the successor to the original and ubiquitous GH5. The latest model sports new features targeted at filmmakers including much-improved low-light performance and a few minor enhancements regarding the audio recording capabilities of the camera that you still