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How To Expose C-LOG on the EOS R Properly

The EOS R is here to stay. That’s the vibe we’re getting from Canon, and it’s easy to understand why. Investing in developing a new mount has not been easy, but time goes by and even the greatly adopted Canon EF mount starts to suffer when compared

Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 May Be Delayed Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

According to Canon Rumors, the production of the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6 may be delayed due to supply chain issues caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. The CR article states that currently, Canon’s manufacturing capacity is significantly lower than normal which inevitably will lead to obvious

Fuji X-T4 First Leaked Pictures and More Details Emerge

Less than seven days before the official announcement of the Fuji X-T4, Fuji Addict has released a couple of low res pictures showing what the Fuji X-T4 would actually look like once it hits the market. It seems that the newcomer will sport the familiar X-T3 body

Best Budget Sony A7III Camera Cage Rig

In the last few years, the amount of production value that is considered a base-line in the filmmaking world has slowly risen. That is greatly due to the decrease in the price of most pieces of filmmaking gear on the market. Chinese copycats, cheaper production costs, and

Five of the Best Mirrorless Cameras for Video Under $1,000

The mirrorless hype has taken the independent filmmaking world by storm. And while there are many video shooters who are still filming with their favorite and trustworthy DSLRs, many folks who are just starting out with video opt for the lighter, smaller and arguably more convenient mirrorless

SmallRig Announces a Dedicated Camera Cage for the Sigma fp

The Sigma fp was one of the biggest surprises in 2019. The ultra-pocketable 4K full-frame mirrorless camera was unexpectedly announced back in July and since then it has made waves in the indie filmmaking community all over the world. Billed as the smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless