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Sony FX9 vs A7 III – Is it Worth Upgrading?

The Sony FX9 and A7 III both shoot 4K video with a Full-Frame sensor, use the E-Mount lens system and produce a very similar looking final image in the hands of the right camera-person. Although one might be big and the other one pretty tiny, their differences

Full Frame vs Super 35 – What Are The Differences?

In the words of Little Richard, “It’s not the size of the ship; it’s the size of the waves.” Understanding the differences in image sensor sizes amid today’s evolving camera technology is important when determining the look you’re intending to capture as a cinematographer. Camera manufacturers are

Sony A9 II Gets Hi Frequency Flicker Feature with Firmware 2.00

Sony has just released Firmware version 2.00 that adds a Hi Frequency Flicker function to their flagship A9 Mark II. The newly-implemented functionality should significantly reduce the impact of flickering of artificial light sources by more finely adjusting the shutter speed of the camera when filming. The

Canon EOS R5 Will Boast CFExpress and SD UHS-II Card Slots

Two weeks ago, Canon has officially announced the development of the upcoming full-frame Canon EOS R5 capable of capturing 8K video along with built-in image stabilization, 20fps continuous shooting, and two card slots. In fact, the inclusion of dual card slots was namely the feature that has

Sigma fp Video Modes Compared

It’s somehow peculiar how an amazing camera can be dropped down by a major company in the business and cause almost no reaction in the entire community. That’s, in fact, what happened a few months ago when Sigma released a beast of a camera, the Sigma fp

Best S1H Budget Lenses for Video Shooting

Now that the Panasonic S1H is hitting the shelves and many filmmakers are starting to fiddle with it, there’s a reasonable question popping around: what lenses should we use on this camera? Actually, there’s more than one right answer, especially when you take into account the new

Five of the Best Mirrorless Cameras for Video Under $1,000

The mirrorless hype has taken the independent filmmaking world by storm. And while there are many video shooters who are still filming with their favorite and trustworthy DSLRs, many folks who are just starting out with video opt for the lighter, smaller and arguably more convenient mirrorless