More Canon R5 Mark II Specs Leaked

More speculation about the next-generation Canon R5 Mark II camera has surfaced, suggesting that the camera will launch in the mid to late Spring.

The camera is expected to feature 8K Raw with AI-driven autofocus capabilities and a new DIGIC processor, which is likely to excite content creators.

According to Canon Rumors, the new mirrorless camera will be equipped with a 45MP backside illuminated CMOS Image sensor and a new DIGIC Processor, which will allow for 8K Raw internal image capture, as well as 4K video at up to 120 frames per second.

Mockkup of Canon R5 Mk. II

It is unclear whether Canon will offer Canon Raw at a lower 22.5 mp, or if both flavors of Raw will use the entire image frame as speculated in the last rumor roundup. However, the rumor suggests that Canon will offer Log 1, 2 & 3 to push the limits of the camera’s dynamic range.

The camera will also allow still shooters to capture bursts of up to 60 frames per second using an electronic shutter that replaces a mechanical option.

There is no update on the various still raw image options that will be available either, as previous speculation was that the R5 Mk. II would provide multiple raw image resolutions with 60 MP, 36 MP, and 18 MP modes in still image mode.

Image Credit – Canon Europe

The R5 Mk. II will also support AI-based autofocus features for identifying, locking on, and tracking subjects within the image frame. Canon’s AI Autofocus will allow the camera to switch from One-Shot AF to AI Servo AF when the subject begins to move.

Once On-Shot AF locks the autofocus, it will then hand off to AI Autofocus, which will continue to track the subject automatically. With newer features coming, AI Autofocus and AI Servo AF will expand and provide greater latitude for keeping your subject in focus.

Another feature that the R5 Mk. II will bring digital signature technology embedded into the image metadata to prevent images from being harvested for use in generative AI image generation.

This would enable photographers to use Canon’s upcoming image application to identify an image that was used, compare the digital fingerprint embedded by the original camera, and prove that their images were used without permission, which is a clear copyright violation.

While it is not clear if the same copyright feature will also be added to video metadata, it is expected that camera manufacturers will seek to add that option as the technology matures.

Originally rumored to be announced last month at CP+, the Canon R5 Mk. II is now expected to be announced in the late April to Early May timeframe, with the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris set for July, providing a potential showcase for the new camera.

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