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Meet the MOZA Mini-P – Gudsen MOZA’s Most Versatile Gimbal Ever

The innovative imaging solutions maker Gudsen MOZA just launched MOZA Mini-P – a foldable, versatile, and easy-to-use 3-axis stabilizer compatible with multiple devices ranging from smartphones, action cameras, compact cameras, lightweight mirrorless cameras and everything in between. With a maximum payload of 900g (1.98 lbs), up to

Ronin S vs Weebill S – Which One to Pick?

Single-handed gimbals provide solo camera operators a compact, fast solution for stabilized filmmaking on the go but with so many offerings on the market which one is right for you? That’s a reasonable question, especially if you don’t have much prior experience with single-handed stabilizers and generally

Kessler Crane Rolls Out KillShock Mini Mount for Compact Gimbals

Premium filmmaking gear maker Kessler Crane has announced the brand new KillShock Mini mount system for small handheld gimbals. Just like its bigger sibling the Kessler KillShock which was initially designed for bigger camera setups, the newcomer comes with identical design, but smaller footprint and lower payload.

Three Must-Know Features of the RONIN-SC

DJI, the renowned drone maker, has long ago entered the filmmaking industry with some pretty enticing products, most notable of which being the offerings belonging to the Ronin series. The latest addition to the lineup, the Ronin-SC is a compact single-handed gimbal packed with an abundance of

MOZA AirCross 2 Single-Handed Gimbal Announced

Despite the abundance of models in this already highly saturated market segment, gimbal makers continue to roll out new offerings left and right. MOZA has just announced a brand new single-handed gimbal designed for mirrorless cameras and DSLRs. The MOZA AirCross 2 provides 3.2kg (7lbs) payload capacity

RONIN-SC vs RONIN-S Side-by-Side Comparison

There’s a new kid on the block ready to rock the boat. Leading gimbal maker DJI recently introduced the Ronin-SC, their latest offering in a market segment full of raging competitors. Moza, Zhiyun and an endless list of cheap Chinese knock-offs have made choosing a gimbal a

Dope 4th Axis Stabilizer for DJI Osmo Pocket

The Osmo Pocket, like its bigger Osmo brothers and many other gimbals, offers excellent 3-axis stabilisation. One axis that isn’t stabilised is the up-and-down or Z-axis and this can result in footage with a noticeable bounce when walking. Adding a Z-axis, a spring-based system can smooth this