Zhiyun Crane 2S and Weebill S are Now Much Better Gimbals

When it comes to gimbals, Zhiyun is second to nobody – except DJI, of course. But being number two isn’t always a bad thing. It lets you learn from your competition and offer all the features your users want, and now they’ve made them even better.

In this recent firmware update, Zhiyun has made drastic improvements to the usability, stability, and functionality of their 2 most-sought-after gimbals, the Crane 2S and the Weebill S.

This update includes changes to the stabilization algorithm, adds automation through the trajectory mode, and finally releases custom presets for the ridiculously cool vortex mode. Josh from Momentum Productions put together this great tutorial for how to update and use the new settings. Let’s check it out!

The first thing to note is that this latest update is made much easier through the updated Zhiyun app that allows you to wirelessly update through your mobile device, and put everything in a much easier to find location.

Vortex Mode

One thing that was really lacking in the previous firmware was the inability to make custom settings changes to the roll mode (vortex mode), but fortunately this update now allows us to dial in the settings we want. And on top of that, it finally has a dedicated spot in the menu!

Press down on the bottom of the scroll wheel to enter the Menu and then scroll down to Vortex Mode.

Here you are presented with 3 options for adjustment: speed, direction, and angle. *Angle determines the number of times the gimbal with rotate – (360 for once, 720 for twice, etcetera).

Enter vortex mode by pressing the mode button twice, then another two times after entering POV mode. Now, start the autorotation by pressing the upper button on the scroll dial.

Trajectory Mode

This new mode essentially allows you to set position keyframes, and play out that animation. You can use it for time-lapses in Photo mode, and in Video mode you could automate any camera motion to pan / tilt into a shot or create a parallax motion with the gimbal on a slider dolly.

Enter Trajectory mode by pressing right on the scroll dial. Here you can select Photo or Video mode.

In video mode, you’ll select your keyframes, A, B, or as many as you require, using the joystick and once you’re happy, select finish.

Scroll to time, and choose Internal for Photos or Time for Video mode. The time you enter will be the length of the animation, which is surprisingly locked at a 2 minute minimum (a weird firmware limitation that they hopefully update soon).

Finally, scroll down and select start for the gimbal top play out the animation. *Unfortunately, you cannot stop this animation once it has started (another weird firmware limitation).

New Motion Algorithm

A subtle wobble is what most Zhiyun Crane 2S users complained about in the previous firmware version, and now that wobble seems to have been fixed. The latest firmware update is very smooth, and offers the best performance we’ve ever seen from Zhiyun to date.

Wrapping it up…

The Weebill S got an additional upgrade which unlock the ability to motion track an object, but it requires the additional cost of the video transmission system.

They’ve also made it much easier to update both gimbals, wirelessly with an overhauled app.

All together, Zhiyun makes a terrific, quality gimbal that comes in priced a fair amount lower than similar offerings from DJI. They’re newer to the gimbal game than the stabilizer/drone king, but they’re always updating and innovating their products and with this update, they’re giving DJI a run for their money.

[source: Momentum Productions]

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