Modern Minimal Titles in Resolve 18

Something that everyone should build up over time is a collection of different effects or plug-ins to keep on hand to speed up your edits and also gain some level of consistency across your projects.

This is something you can develop yourself over time as you learn and make your own templates and titles for your work or something you can add to quickly by looking at media libraries and stores where you can pick up some pre-made packs.

If you are looking for some new titles, S. Friedrich Videographics has put together a package of 20 different options for DaVinci Resolve.

Once you purchase and download the 20 titles you’ll need to get it installed. It comes as a .drfx file where all you have to do is drag and drop it on to the DaVinci Resolve icon.

It should automatically prompt you on whether or not you want to install it. Click install and you are good to go.

These are set up to function in the same way as the included titles.

Just go head over to the effects/titles area and you should now see a section labeled “S. Friedrich” that has all the new titles. These are categorized into three main categories:

  • Cine (6)
  • Modern (3)
  • Minimal (11)

All of these titles have a transparent background and should be as easy as dragging and dropping on the timeline. They are also designed to work with any resolution or frame rate so it should work perfectly no matter what you are working on.

Image Credit: Blackmagic Design

This package is filled with clean, slick titles – makes sense considering the pack is labeled as modern and minimal. You can customize them a fair amount as well. In the inspector, you should see all the different controls, including changing the text, adjusting colors, and more.

Being designed well is a hugely helpful thing if you want to make use of titles like this and all the controls allow you to personalize it to suit your exact needs.

Do you have any favorite titles you would like to share? What do you think about these offerings?

[source: S. Friedrich Videographics]

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