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Five Reasons to Choose Micro 4/3 Over Full Frame

For the longest time, shooting with a full-frame camera has been the goal of every aspiring filmmaker. With a wider field of view and better image quality, there’s no surprise as to why people who shoot film strive to invest every dime they have into a full-frame

Rhino ROV Pro – the Easiest Motorized Video Slider Ever?

With the amount of resources and technology that goes into the development of motorized camera controls systems, it’s no wonder that not that long ago these devices used to be predominantly reserved for high-budget productions and filmmakers with deep pockets. Fortunately, those days are gone now as

180 Degree 3D Capture Comes to Insta360 Pro 2 and Pro Cameras

In addition to the freshly announced Insta360 ONE X, just yesterday, Insta360 announced at the Adobe MAX conference that it will add support for 180 degree 3D capture and editing with its leading professional VR cameras, the Insta360 Pro and the recently announced Insta 360 Pro 2, which I wrote

Five Awesome Gimbal Tricks with the DJI Ronin-S

Despite having only been available for a couple of months now, DJI Ronin-S has quickly become one of the most popular single-arm gimbals on the market, and for good reason. With ingenious hardware and software integration, the device has earned the praise of many professionals and enthusiasts

Closer Look at the BMPCC 4K – Menu and Feature Walkthrough

While the first batch of Pocket 4K cameras is slowly trickling across the globe, the early adopters who have pre-ordered the unit right after NAB 2018 are already getting their hands on the long-awaited offering. Meanwhile, the crazy hype surrounding Blackmagic’s latest product continues to grow exponentially. With

IBC 2018: NanGuang PAVOLITE RGBW LED Tube Lights

It’s IBC 2018 and Photokina catch-up time! Yes, I know these trade shows ended a month ago, but we are still catching-up on all our interviews we did from these shows, so there are a few left to be edited and posted on the blog. In case

Slick Motion Effect in Premiere Pro CC

When it comes to handheld shooting and the associated visual aesthetics, many people tend to believe that there’s nothing fancy nor spectacular referring to this particular style of shooting. Nevertheless, there are still ways to create more dynamic-looking shots in post-production and spice up your footage with

See Two Amazing Short Films Shot on the Fujifilm X-T3

Fujifilm recently announced the new Fuji X-T3, which has some very important features for video creators. The X-T3 is the mirrorless camera, which can record 4K/60p in a 10bit (4:2:0) HEVC H.265 codec internally onto UHS-II SD cards, a clear signal that Fujifilm are quite serious about