Sony Launches Dedicated Portable Data Transmitter for Camera-to-Cloud Applications

Sony has announced a new high-speed still image and video transmitter that provides content creators with a dedicated and secure camera-to-cloud connection for live events and streaming applications.

The PDT-FP1 5G Portable Data Transmitter provides a stable connection over 5G networks, giving creators a valuable data transmission option that doesn’t stall due to an untimely cellphone call.

Image Credit – SONY

“The PDT-FP1 allows me to transmit from where I am shooting rather than having to return to a media center,” stated photographer and photojournalist Nick Didlick.

Dildick traveled the world with the device and found it to be a reliable wireless transmitter for getting his content to his supporting team back home.

“It worked flawlessly, allowing me to connect and upload images in real-time from various venues.”

Image Credit – SONY

The Sony 5G Portable Data Transmitter, or PDT, is roughly the size of a smartphone, with an easy-to-read 6.1-inch display and input interface.

The PDT has a specially optimized antenna design for maximum reception and transmission sensitivity and low-latency communication.

The design supports LTE, 5G, and millimeter WAVE or MMWave transmission, and has an extended communication coverage area that is up to 10% larger than a standard mobile device, and 30% faster.

Live streaming uses CBK-RPU7 and M2 Live video protocols and can connect via USB or Ethernet, as well as wirelessly.

Image Credit – SONY

The PDT also has a dual SIM 3 configuration, which can automatically switch to a stronger network when the signal gets a little dodgy, maintaining a live video stream without a loss in broadcast quality.

The device also has a newly developed cooling fan and ducting structure which provides effective heat dissipation and quiet operation, where temperatures can shut a device down once it hits over 100° during transmission.

Image Credit – SONY

The 5G PDT has been tested to transmit 4K video at up to 60 frames per second without dropouts and also supports 2K, FullHD, and lower resolution connections.

The device also has a network visualizer feature to monitor network conditions during data transfer and a camera-wired connection for automatic transfer to C3 Portal and Ci Media Cloud options via FTP.

The PDT also has two USB type-C PD terminals for power delivery that can do double duty with data communication while charging. Users can transfer data while shooting and keep the battery level topped off while out in the field.

Image Credit – SONY

Other features include an HDMI Type A terminal, and LAN for additional video data connection operations.

The device also has 256GB of internal storage, which is expandable up to 1 TB with an optional micro SD card for archival backups.

Lastly, the PDT offers a single 1/4-20 mount.

Pricing and availability

The retail price of the Sony PDT-FP1 5G Portable Data Transmitter is $1.099.99 and it is expected to ship later this week after the 4th of July holiday.

[source: Sony]

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