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Quick Tip on Enhancing Skin Tones in DaVinci Resolve 15

More often than not, it’s very easy for novice colorists to get carried away with their color grading. Whether you’re trying to achieve the exaggerated blue/orange aesthetic of Sam Kolder or the popping hues of Wes Anderson flicks, it’s important to pay close attention to how your

Five Things to Consider Before Pre-Ordering the BMPCC 4K

Back in April during NAB 2018, Blackmagic Design has finally spilled the beans on the long-awaited Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. The company promised to deliver their latest generation camera in September 2018 packed with a brand new Micro 4/3 sized sensor that records up to

How Much Should You Charge for Your Video Work?

When it comes to filmmaking, the business side of the craft is considered the least engaging, yet it’s the most important aspect since, without money, it’s very unlikely that any film project will ever come to life. For freelance videographers, one of the most significant challenges involved

Here’s How You Can Use an eGPU with Your Internal Mac Display

The use of external GPUs (or eGPUs) has been making waves for a multitude of computer enthusiasts and content creators alike. By attaching an external graphics card to your Mac, you can achieve improved editing efficiency and rendering performance through the additionally provided GPU-acceleration. Unfortunately, traditional methods

Sony A7 III vs GH5s Low Light Comparison

More than four years ago, Sony made a huge splash in the filmmaking industry with the introduction of the original A7S – the very first affordable low-light-seeing mirrorless beast in a compact form-factor. Fast forward to 2018, the Japanese camera maker is still considered to be a

Things to Know About the Ronin-S Before Taking the Leap

Despite having only been on the market for less than a month or so, many filmmakers tend to consider the Ronin-S as the best single-handed gimbal currently available out there. With an impressive design and robust feature set that surpass most competing brands, the Ronin-S has been

Tips and Tricks on Finding the Best Camera Angles

It goes without saying, framing and composition has the power to completely change your narrative. As a filmmaker, it’s essential to understand how film language can manipulate the manner in which the audience interprets your visual storytelling, simply based on how you position your camera. For those

Is the $300 Razer Core X the Best eGPU for Mac?

More and more video editors using the latest Apple laptops for video editing, seem to be tempted by the extra processing power provided by external graphics processing units. While the development of eGPUs has been around for quite some time, many folks still find it difficult to