FiLMiC Pro is Currently On Sale for $19.99

If content creators have been shy about subscribing to Version 7.5.3 of FiLMiC Pro, the time is perfect to give it a try. The annual subscription to the popular mobile video creation app is on sale for $19.99, which is over 60 percent off the normal $50 subscription rate.

FiLMiC Pro’s annual back to school sale is in full swing. The company hints that users don’t have to be a registered student either.

“Whether you’re a current student or a lifelong learner, we invite you to take advantage of our “Back to School” Sale,” states the FiLMiC Facebook page. “Annual subscriptions for Filmic Pro are now just $19.99 for a limited time!”

Users who opted not to subscribe to FiLMiC Pro when it went to a subscription service were still able to use version 6.0 of the app, which they had already paid for.

But the downside was that they would not be able to use any new features that the filmmaking app would be adding. In version 7.5.3, FiLMiC Pro has a redesigned menu system cenetered around what the company calls Quick Action Modals (QAMS).

These Qams offer an action slider which can shift between all the key settings and for setting of ISO, shutter speed, white balance, codecs, and even loading and importing of custom LUTs.

Image Credit: Filmic Pro

Image Credit: Filmic Pro

Users may also dial in these settings with manual controls using the on screen reticle and vertical sliders to adjust each key setting and then lock them down. Auto controls can also be engaged by simply tapping on the controls as needed.

Version 7 also has function buttons for enabling anamorphic shooting, using zebras, false color, and locking down the white balance. Or to hide the interface to focus on framing the shot.


The redesigned interface also gives shooters the option to select various log gamma curves or flat shooting modes.

These modes provide greater dynamic range and color gamut for use in color grading during post production.

Audio controls have also been expanded, as Version 7 now records 16-bit and 24-bit audio streams with dual stereo audio meters and gain control. There is also a dedicated audio QAM for adjusting on the fly.

Version 7.5.3 also has QR Code preset sharing, to transfer custom settings to an additional device. There is also full keyboard support to adjust settings, enable live analytics, or perform manual focus and exposure moves.

Lastly, FiLMic Now has a focus and zoom QAM to quickly set A and B focus points for rack focus or zoom. To subscribe to FiLMiC Pro Vs. 7, download the app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store and select the appropriate subscription plan, which for the sale is the $19.99 student rate.

There is also a weekly discount of $1.99 a week for those not wishing to get locked in, but keep in mind you’ll be paying more in the long run. Some have complained that users have to hunt around to get to the Back to School sale screen, so if you don’t see it initially, keep looking around the interface.

Legacy users of vs. 6 can also get the same rate with a “loyalty” discount. And keep in mind that this $20 back to school price is probably just for the first year.

After that, the subscription rate will renew at the standard $49.99 annual fee. The offer is good only for a “limited time,” though no expiration date is given, so don’t wait too long!

[source: FiLMiC Pro on Facebook]

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