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Blue Screen vs Green Screen: Which Setup Should You Opt For?

Chroma keying is a common post-processing technique that has been utilized in many filmmaking productions and other creative applications for ages. The process allows you to achieve virtually the impossible, whether it be sending your actors to a fictitious distant location or something as simple as letting

Placing Text Behind an Object in Premiere Pro CC

Some post-production tricks that initially seem simple to pull off usually end up being more complicated than one may think. That certainly applies to placing text behind an object, a commonly used technique that could also be very deceptive. While it does seem straightforward at first, it actually

How to Keep Focus While Filming a Moving Subject

Keeping focus while filming a subject in motion could be a very challenging and daunting task even for some seasoned videographers and camera operators. This is especially true if you are short on staff and have to operate in a one-man-band shooting situation, such as in an

Shooting Stunning iPhone Hyperlapse Videos in a Few Easy Steps

Camera technology has evolved to the point where you can capture some impressive professional images using just a smartphone. Among the plethora of photography and videography applications, the iPhone could arguably be considered as the most commonly used smartphone in that regard not only because of the

Five Filmmaking Mistakes to Avoid on Set

The filmmaking process is a deceptively complicated practice. No matter how experienced you may be, you’re bound to make a mistake every now and again which is absolutely fine since no one is perfect. You may think you have everything all figured out when all of a

How to Always Nail Down the Exposure of Your Videos

Exposure can be a tricky element to get right when trying to shoot your footage. You may even find that sometimes your exposure is way too bright in post-production, despite having seen differently when on-location viewing through your camera monitors. Luckily, YouTube channel YCImaging provides three ways to

Use This Simple Hack to Emulate Smooth Slider Shots with a Gimbal

The advent of gimbal technology in filmmaking is relatively new, especially when you compare it to well-established camera stabilization systems such as Steadicams, cranes, dollies and other similar filmmaking tools that have become the industry standard and have been extensively utilized by professionals on set for decades. As

13 Essential Gimbal Moves For Your Creative Workflow

Gimbal stabilizers are exactly what you need to create the perfect visual aesthetics for any of your narrative productions and immerse your audience deeper into the story. You can easily do so by employing some essential gimbal movements on any creative project you have to do. So,

Five Creative In-Camera Transitions to Enhance Your Edits

There are many creative techniques that can help you in your endeavor to enhance the visual aesthetics of your videos one of which undoubtedly being in-camera transitions. What’s great about this filmmaking technique is that you can pull it off quickly and easily anywhere in the field