The Ultimate BMPCC 4K/6K Modular Handheld and Shoulder Rig Kit

Now that both Pocket 4K and 6K cameras are getting in the hands of more and more filmmakers, we’re seeing a wide range of rigs for these two siblings popping up left and right. Many filmmakers on a budget are prone to choose various DIY solutions, but even being pretty budget-friendly, these setups have quite a few cons: first and foremost the look in front of clients, but also reliability and repair costs in case of damage.

TILTA and SmallRig have been on top of the third-party companies offering such accessories since day one, but you may reasonably ask what is the best possible configuration, especially when you want to get the best bang for your buck? Well, in this video from GWD, we’ll figure out how to put together three of the most simple, yet extremely efficient modular rigs for the Pocket 4K/6K camera.

The three setups covered in the video are assembled around one essential piece of gear, the SmallRig Touch and Go Quick Release Baseplate. In essence, this locking mechanism is used to mount your camera on any support you need to. It has a quick-release lever, it’s simple and sturdy and will ensure your gear is locked in place with no chance to move.

It’s not exactly cheap, though, topping at $139, but it isn’t that expensive either. The added bonus of being able to switch from one configuration to another in a matter of seconds could be worth the price.

The only downside regarding this solution is that you need to buy one plate for every configuration so that you can swap them all with a simple touch. If you have many different setups in mind, this particular solution could easily become very expensive, so keep that in mind.

1 – Handheld

The first configuration covered above is the handheld one. It is, as you’d expect, very light and minimal allowing you to move easily and without too much stress on your back and shoulders. In this case, it’s a baseplate actually made for the FS7 combined with a couple of NATO-rail side handles on the bottom.

All of the pieces are made by SmallRig, they fit together well, and the NATO rail mounting system is easily adaptable to different size configurations. In case you need a larger holding distance, it’s a matter of seconds to switch and change the setup.

2 – Shoulder Rig

Moving from the light and swift handheld, let’s take a look at the second more classical setup: a shoulder rig. In this case, the combo is a mixture of brands. We have the 19mm Universal Dovetail Shoulder Mount System by Tilta combined with the already well-known baseplate made by SmallRig.

Simple as that, you just need to unlock the lever and switch from the previous configuration by sliding the camera in. The NATO rail system we’ve seen earlier is also used here to create a quick-release attachment for monitors and accessories so that you can eliminate any kind of wobble or vibration while shooting.

3 – Tripod

At this point, it’s quite easy to guess how this last setup is arranged. Just a simple baseplate for the Touch and Go System and boom! In just a quick swipe your camera is in place.

The actual advantage is that with all these plates lying around, you can easily switch between multiple cameras on the fly. In fact, this latter option is extremely practical and could work with any kind of equipment.

So, here’s your easy modular handheld and shoulder rig kit for the Pocket 4K and 6K. Overall, it’s an excellent choice since it’s actually interchangeable between many camera models, but at the same time, the flexibility and ease of use it provides come at a steep price, especially if you need to increase the number of configurations along the way.

Therefore, always be aware of the cost, plan your gigs well ahead of time and opt for the configuration that best suits your project and creative needs.

[source: GWD]

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  • Tilta Shoulder Rig  (Amazon)
  • SmallRig 15cm Nato Rail (Amazon)
  • SmallRig Side Nato Handle (B&H, Amazon)
  • Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control System (B&H, Amazon)

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