How to Get Legit 2-Month Adobe CC Access for Free

Our world is facing an unprecedented situation, the spread of a global pandemic. While a good amount of horror and sci-fi cinematography anticipated it, most of it did not dwell in the day to day crisis the media production industry is facing. Movie theaters are closing, huge tentpole franchises have to reschedule shoots, delaying distribution and in some cases even skipping it altogether for a straight to on-demand service.

But it’s not only about the huge studios. Most of the small creators, indie filmmakers, the entire weddings, events, product, and advertising sector is in lockdown all over the world, and that means thousands of filmmakers struggling to make ends meet. Many companies are offering their products to all freelancers in crisis, and it seems that Adobe is doing the same, albeit not publicly. Anyway, thanks to Josh Olufemii we now get to know how to unveil this “Corona Discount” by Adobe.

So, it’s strange that Adobe is not advertising this promotion. Ater all, many other companies, including the direct competitors at Affinity, are having huge discounts and promotions as the whole world is united in a global crisis that we haven’t seen in this modern and technological world.

Be as it may, a lot of us are doing their math, and $30 a month is not an insignificant expense if you’re income is falling down. So, how can we take advantage of this offer?

First of all, you have to be already an Adobe customer and have a subscription active and running. You should then head inside your plan management page. You’ll find it by accessing and selecting “Manage Account” on the right-hand side.

This is where you can modify your plan, your payment options, you can add or remove products and so on. This time you’ll just hit the “Cancel plan” option. But, wait a moment, who said anything about canceling the plan? We thought we were getting two months for free! Don’t worry, you’ve read it right. Hit “Cancel plan”, and move on.

Now on the next screen, Adobe will be asking you why you did decide to abandon the ship, choose “It’s too expensive”, that is, after all, the truth. You’ll be greeted by a new page.

Next, Adobe will be trying to win you back, and before you leave, it will offer a triple choice. Get a call from an agent and discuss a custom deal, have a first-year discount at $19.99/mo, or have two free months.

If you’re having income flow problems, then having two months for free can be a breather, but you should do your math, since that way you’re saving 60 bucks, but saving $10/mo for a whole year is a grand total of $120 set aside.

So, there you have it, a couple of nice options in this moment of chaos and uncertainty. Choose the one you prefer, but try to stay home and stay safe for your sake and for the others around you.

[source: Josh Olufemii]

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