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6 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Film Shoot

After overcoming two main obstacles – finishing the film script and securing financing, you will enter the pre-production stage of your film. At this stage you will need to create an efficient shot list, the first step of scheduling the production. To prepare an efficient shot list

How to Craft Your Script to Fit the Needs of the Moment?

Just when you think you have a finished and polished script, you discover that the script needs to be changed yet again. As the script’s purpose changes depending on the film production stage, it is never really finished. However, it is quite important to change your script

Basic Setups for Shooting Green Screen

Shooting green screen has become an expected part of the current film production environment. Whilst films such as Avatar combine live-action with computer generated characters thus resembling to a large extent a children’s animation, Fincher’s films as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and more like Zodiac use

Mesmerizing 4K Time-Lapse of Earth and the Sun

You might think that creating a time-lapse from found images is an easy job. An assumption like this can not be further from the truth. When James Tyrwhitt-Drake compiled images of our planet taken from the Elektro-L weather satellite, he had his work cut out for him.

AREA 48 LED – The Next Generation of LED Lights

Although cameras are the primary capture devices, light plays probably the most important role when shooting. Without proper lighting, the image might come out flat, underexposed and mainly the intended mood of the piece might not be achieved. At this point, Area 48 LED lights come into