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Auto Reframe Feature Coming to Premiere Pro CC

This year at IBC 2019, Adobe will demonstrate how it helps video content creators get to the finish line faster, including new Best Practices guides. Unlike previous years when we used to get massive CC updates around IBC, this time Adobe focuses on post-production efficiency, showcasing the

Teradek Orbit Zero-Delay, 4K HDR Wireless Video System Announced

After the recent announcement of the Bolt 4K MAX, Teradek’s most advanced 4K HDR wireless video system to date, the company has just introduced Orbit – the next generation zero-delay 4K HDR wireless broadcast solution. In essence, the Orbit line of products utilizes Teradek’s patented Joint Source Channel

SIGMA Launches FF Classic Prime Line of Cine Lenses

Teased in July earlier this year at the Sigma fp launch, SIGMA just launched the new FF Classic Prime Line of cine lenses designed for cinematography. The current Sigma FF High Speed Cine Primes have been delivering outstanding image quality while offering the highest resolving power in

Panasonic 8K Organic Sensor Camera System at IBC 2019

At IBC 2019, Panasonic is to debut a prototype of their unique 8K camera system based around the world’s first 8K organic sensor, that I told you about in this post here from February. The multi-purpose Panasonic 8K camera is a compact and lightweight box-type camera with

SmallHD Adds Camera Control for RED DSMC2 on Cine 7 Monitors

SmallHD Cine 7 line of on-camera touchscreen monitors just became more powerful and versatile. With the all-new software license that was just released, users can enable real-time configuration of RED DSMC2 cameras directly through the Cine 7’s touchscreen interface. This is indeed an extremely handy feature as

ARRI Orbiter: Ultra-Bright, Directional, Tunable LED for Cinematography

New for IBC 2019, ARRI unveils Orbiter – a versatile, ultra-bright LED with inter-changeable optics, state-of-the-art ARRI Spectra six-color light engine, detachable control panel, advanced connectivity and tons more! Bringing next-level brightness and tune-ability to their lighting arsenal, the ARRI say Orbiter is “the most technologically advanced

Samyang Launches XEEN CF Cine Primes

Samyang Optics officially announces the launch of new XEEN CF cine primes, the first to use carbon fibre for optimum lightweight construction. Indie filmmakers and small production companies have been loving the original Samyang/Rokinon XEEN cine prime lenses ever since their launch a few years back in

Angelbird CFexpress Cards for 4K, 6K, and 8K Announced

Innovate camera media storage maker Angelbird Technologies has announced the addition of CFexpress cards to their camera storage portfolio. The Angelbird CFexpress cards have been designed to satisfy the latest cinematography requirements for data intensive 4K, 6K, and 8K capture including Raw by offering rock-solid and dependable

Rotolight TITAN X2: Redefining Cinematic LED Lighting

New for IBC 2019, award-winning UK-based professional LED lighting manufacturer Rotolight is redefining cinematic LED lighting with the new Rotolight Titan X2. A ground-breaking LED soft light, Titan X2 utilizes state-of-the-art RGBWW technology to provide unparalleled light output, outstanding colour accuracy for gorgeous skin tones, and a

Canon C500 Mark II Cage from Bright Tangerine

Bright Tangerine have been working together with Canon on a new and impressive lightweight Left Field Cage for the new Canon C500 Mark II. As with all Bright Tangerine accessories, extra attention has been paid to ensuring the end product is not only as light as it

Building a Completely Wireless Audio Kit for Video

One thing most filmmakers are quite uncomfortable on set is without a doubt audio recording. We know that it’s an essential aspect of every professional production. In fact, a decent video with bad audio is much worse than having slightly worse images but with excellent audio. Hence,