GH5 IBIS Dual I.S. 2.0 In-Body Stabilization vs 3-Axis Pistol Grip Gimbal Comparison Test

Obviously, many shooters still wonder if they really need a dedicated gimbal to be able to capture some silky smooth cinematic shots on the fly while already having an advanced image stabilization built-in right inside their favorite mirrorless camera.

Of course, both setups have their pros and cons and can produce some stunning results on their own depending on the occasion. So, if you really want to find out what are the actual differences between these two image stabilization tools when used in a real-world environment, then you have just come to the right place.

In the video below, Max Yuryev puts to the test both the Dual I.S. 2.0 of the GH5 and the Zhiyun Crane 3-Axis gimbal with a Sony A6300 on board to see how do they stack up against each other in terms of stability and visual aesthetics when put side by side out in the field.

From what I can get from those tests, you can use both setups in a variety of shooting situations as the ones showcased above while expecting relatively similar results. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by the aesthetics of the walking shots that the dual I.S. stabilization was particularly able to produce.

Honestly, it’s insane how far this technology has advanced thus far. Even though it won’t utterly make the usage of gimbals obsolete anytime soon, it can still do some decent job in a wide variety of run-and-gun situations when you need to take your camera straight out of your backpack and start rolling right off the bat.

As Max points out, each of both setups is suitable for different scenarios and situations. Some people believe that the gimbal does come out slightly ahead. Others are firm believers that the GH5 makes a gimbal pretty unnecessary, but what ultimately matters most is which one of those systems would serve a certain project better.

If you like the visual aesthetics that the dual GH5 produces, then go for it. But if you are more or less teased by the extremely fluent and cinematic shots produced by the gimbal, then you should certainly consider the option of getting one. Either way, it’s stunning how many options we have nowadays when it comes to capturing staggering cinematic visuals, especially when you consider the freedom and simplicity such a minimalistic and lightweight combo can bring to any of your productions.

[source: Max Yuryev]

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  • Wolfe

    What would the GH5 combo on the gimbal be like? Are there any issues using so many stabilisers at once? Anyone with experience of using both at the same time? Thanks

    • Garug Garuson

      If you have a good gimbal, any additional stabilisation will make it only worse.

      • Wolfe

        Thanks Gurug, so with a gimbal like this you would turn off IBS and lens stabilisation? Thanks for the heads up. Wolfe

      • Tim Alexander

        NOT TRUE! It makes it BETTER – many examples are on YouTube. Here is on example –

        • Garug Garuson

          Here is a bare gimbal, no in camera or post stabilization But what you need is a good gimbal. That was with howerboard. that is great for removing the walking motion.

          The only case when I see in camera stabilization can help is with very long focal length in windy conditions like on this video. Wind shakes the camera and in camera or lens stabilization would have helped on that.

          This was bare gimbal handheld, no in camera or lens stabilization.

          • Tim Alexander

            And they work PERFECT TOGETHER. The question was can a gimbal, IBS and lens stabilization all effectively work together for a more stable picture, the answer is YES, and quite well. It is the most stable of all. A gimbal is GREAT, but even the best one is even better with IBIS and a stabilized lens. Fact.

          • Garug Garuson

            I have no interest to argue more on this. My experience is that on normal conditions good gimbal needs no additional stabilization and panning and tilting becomes very weird when any in camera or lens stabilization is used with gimbal.

          • Tim Alexander

            But that wasn’t the question, the question was would a gimbal make a GH5 IBS with lens IS even better, the answer is simply YES. It very much would.

          • Garug Garuson

            Ok, I agree, it can make it better :),

            but it can make it also worse on panning and tilting and that is why I do not use it.

            BTW the video video above shot at 24 fps, any panning looks bad on 60 Hz monitor that most people are viewing that video.

          • Tim Alexander

            Agreed, but it looks GREAT for stable walking shots which is what most people seek. 🙂