A Quick Look at the Brand New Zhiyun Crane Version 2 Gimbal

If you already had a chance to play around with the Zhiyun Crane, odds are you’re well aware how powerful, efficient and easy to use this pistol grip gimbal could be once you get it properly balanced. No wonder it’s the go-to choice for a myriad of aspiring filmmakers and enthusiasts alike out there.

The good news is that the Chinese manufacturer Zhiyun-Tech has recently updated the original gimbal with a brand new model that promises to deliver even more neat features alongside better overall performance than its predecessor. Let’s take a quick look at and see what the brand new Zhiyun Crane Version 2 has to offer and how does it stack up against the original Crane.

One of the very first things that you may notice is that the Zhiyun Crane Ver.2 comes with two 3600mAh batteries that in a nutshell double the battery life of the old 2000mAh units. All in all, a pair of these can power up the new Zhiyun Crane for around twelve hours, as opposed to its predecessor that was able to operate for only six hours on a single charge at the most.

Furthermore, the base plate of the new Crane is completely overhauled as now it implements a dedicated quick release system. What’s more, on the right side of the new add-on you can now attach the included lens support for your camera lens.

You can easily unlock the quick release plate of the gimbal and attach your camera just like you’d normally do when using any other conventional quick release system in conjunction with a tripod, monopod or any other support gear. This feature eliminates the necessity to add a quick release plate on the base of the Crane to save rebalancing time when the camera is installed on the gimbal, something that many shooters were used to with the older model.

The next major update of the Zhiyun Crane Ver.2 is on its handle. On the older Crane, you’ll be able to find only the joystick in the middle along with two buttons on the side to control the camera and the zoom function whereas on the new version all controls are located on the same side for even more convenient control over the device. Actually, it’s the same control panel you can find on the lighter Zhiyun Crane-M counterpart.

The last update is to the bottom of the gimbal. Unlike its predecessor, the Zhiyun Crane 2 now comes with a 3/8″-16 thread along with a 1/4″-20 adapter on the inside which gives shooters more freedom and flexibility when it comes to mounting the gimbal to other additional third-party support gear. Regarding software and internal functionality, the brand new Crane is essentially the same as the previous model as well as it provides the same load capacity of up to 2.65 lb (3.9 lb with the latest firmware updates).

Ultimately, the new Zhiyun Crane offers a better form factor and improved control panel, with all the buttons on the same side, enhanced baseplate system and twice as powerful rechargeable batteries. The Zhiyun Crane Version 2 is already in stock on Amazon US selling for $649. You can also get the model in conjunction with a wireless remote that will cost you $679.

[source: The Upper Left USA]

Amazon US Order Links:

Zhiyun Crane Version 2 Gimbal 

Zhiyun Crane Version 2 Gimbal + Wireless Remote

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  • Jeremy Dulac

    The Zhiyun, old and new versions, can handle up to 4lbs now with the new firmware which allows motor strength adjustemnt of light, medium and strong.

    • Vlady Radev

      Good to know! Thanks!

    • Radek Ku

      will it hold EOS 5dm3 with 35mm?

      • Jeremy Dulac

        I believe so, yes, as long as the lens is t too heavy…but id imagine that is really pushing it to end of its limits

      • CrocanLB

        5dm3 with 17-40 tested and it works great

  • Angles Eyes

    From which website you boight it

  • Pierluca Taranta

    Just got my V2. Trying to balance a Sony a6500, but it seems impossible to balance the tilt axis(motor on the right). If I put the camera facing up it comes back to level. It looks like the a6500 is just not tall enough. Anyone else?

    • Mark Karlis

      Ive balanced my a6500 with the 10-18mm f4 fine. just spend some time or watch a instructional review

  • It should be noted that the V2 doesn’t have a true quick release plate, you still have to add one yourself.

  • It is very simple to use Stabilizer, but the handle is not comfortable as Phone stabilizer grip.