The Blackmagic 4K URSA: It Exists! John Brawley Has Proof

OK, so we’ve been waiting to see production models of the 4K URSA in the wild for some time now. Sure, there’s are probably working models with beta testers out there, or at least there might have been. We don’t know if the testing stage has been completed.

We’re in August 2014, and I believe initial estimates from Blackmagic Design were deliveries of the 4K URSA to be made in July 2014. At least that was the talk at NAB 2014 back in April.

But as history usually tends to repeat itself, chances are we won’t see URSA’s shipping in large quantities for at least another month. That’s our take, not a ding on BMD, not at all, just saying that August comes after July. That’s all.

I waited for more than 6 months to get my Pocket cinema, and that was after the initial delays. Since then, they’ve certainly made significant improvements in trying to meet shipping deadlines they promise at NAB, but as with all their cameras, this one will be late as well. I am a fan of their cameras and overall business approach as a company, but sometime as their customer, I can smirk at things like shipping/delivery estimates with them when it comes to their cameras. Sure, they’re a new at the camera making game, it hopefully they’ll start shipping things on time.

So the news today is that Australian DP, John Brawley, who’s been working with BMD on testing/working with them on all their cameras so far, has just posted a few pics on his Twitter profile revealing a freshly shipped 4K PL URSA (a production model in its fancy packaging). It exists – that’s the good news.

Now, the not so good news is that this looks like a production model sent to him for testing. We don’t know if the camera is finished and ready to ship to customers, or if this is just John bragging that he got either the 1st URSA or one of the first URSAs. We have to speculate, so we’re just going to show you the pics of the 4K URSA.

Taking this with a pinch of salt, the only thing we know for sure at the moment is that John Brawley has one 4K URSA in PL mount. As we get more news and info on when the camera will be delivered in bigger quantities to patiently waiting customers, we’ll let you guys know.  Here’s a brief reminder of the specs of the 4K URSA:

  • 4 Versions – PL, EF, B4 and HDMI out (no sensor, basically a 4K recorder)
  • 3840 x 2160p Global Shutter CMOS Sensor
  • Super 35mm CMOS Sensor
  • 4K UHD up to 60fps
  • 12 Stops of Dynamic Range 
  • 10 inch 1080p Flip-Out LCD Screen
  • Dual 5″ Touchscreens for Menu Access
  • Records CinemaDNG RAW and Pro Res 422 HQ (plus LT/422/Proxy – via firmware update 1.9)
  • 12G-SDI Output for 10-Bit 4:2:2 4K
  • XLR Inputs (2 x) with Phantom Power
  • Dual CFast 2.0 Card Slots

 [via Twitter]

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