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Top 5 Camera Gear I Used in 2019

Yes, it is this time of the year where all you see are Top 5, Best of, and Worst of lists. And as much as I am not a fan of them, I figure, since it’s a slow news day and more than half of you won’t

FilmConvert Adds Sony VENICE Camera Pack

Popular colour grading plugin FilmConvert has added the Sony VENICE camera pack to their growing list of supported cameras. FilmConvert already support major brands such as ARRI, RED, Canon, Sony, and other younger camera makers such as DJI and Kinefinity with loads more to be added in

IDX iMicro-98 and iMicro-150 Compact V-Mount Batteries

The latest trend and advancement in the world of long-lasting camera batteries is the shrinking size of power cells, while still retaining the same, if not even higher energy output. This allows battery manufacturers to make even more compact V-mount batteries, giving rise to the trend of

Portkeys P6 is a Dirt Cheap On-Camera Monitor with 3D LUTs

Some of you may be familiar with Portkeys Technologies, makers affordable on-camera monitors like the Portkeys HH7, and BM5, in addition to an excellent EVF that works with a variety of popular Sony, RED, Canon, and other cameras. Recently, the company announced a new and very affordable

Sound Devices 888, 833, and Scorpio Firmware v3.10 Released

Sound Devices has just announced firmware update v3.10 for their 8-Series Portable Mixer-Recorders, including the top of the lineup Scorpio, the Sound Devices 888, and the Sound Devices 833 that many sound recordists and sound mixers will find helpful. Firmware update 3.10 (or simply v3.10) includes support

Download Blackmagic Camera 6.7 Update Now

Just hours after releasing a major update to DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic Design are unleashing the next firmware update in their camera division. Blackmagic Camera 6.7 Update adds  Blackmagic RAW recording support to URSA Broadcast cameras along with a new image processing pipeline that improves overall image quality.

Download Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 16.1.2 Update

Blackamgic Design just released a new update to their industry-standard colour grading and VFX suite DaVinci Resolve. The new DaVinci Resolve 16.1.2 update, is loaded with new functionality and features as well as important bug fixes prompted by user feedback. Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16.1.2 adds new

Tilta Mini Matte Box and Mini Follow Focus

Tilta has announced their new Mini Matt Box and Mini Follow Focus units are now available to pre-order from B&H. Not only designed for use with DSLR form-factor and/or mirrorless cameras and lenses, but also affordable enough for anyone. Plus, pre-ordering now before December 20th can save

Atomos Release Switching Update AtomOS 10.4 for Shogun 7

Atomos has just officially released the full Switching Firmware Update neatly packaged as AtomOS 10.4 for the Shogun 7 monitor/recorder. This full switching firmware release comes after the beta version, which was released for testing just a week ago. With the public release of AtomOS 10.4 update for

Next Level Collab: Frame.io for iPad Announced

The iPad and the iPad Pro have been favourites among creative professionals and enthusiasts, and it was just a matter of time before the leader in video review and collaboration Frame.io takes advantage of the iPad real estate and functionality. Frame.io just recently announced the arrival of

Ikan Stratus Cage for Blackmagic Pocket Camera 6K

The Blackmagic Pocket Camera 6K is one of those cameras that can easily produce images on par with cameras costing 10x its value, but getting the BMPCC 6K production-ready does require quite a bit of kit. Cage support systems have been around for a while; their existence

ARRI Pro Camera Accessories for Sony FX9

ARRI has announced their new Pro Camera Accessories for the Sony FX9 are now available to order from ARRI authorised dealers. The Sony FX9 camera itself is scheduled to ship now in December, however it will most likely be in limited quantities, with en-masse orders to be

SIGMA Classic Art Prime Cine Lenses Pricing Announced

Sigma announced their Classic Art Prime Cine Lenses just a few months back in September (see post here), and now we also know their pricing and availability. Available only in a set of 10, the new full-frame Sigma Classic Art Prime Cine lenses are expected to become