ARRI Pro Camera Accessories for Sony FX9

ARRI has announced their new Pro Camera Accessories for the Sony FX9 are now available to order from ARRI authorised dealers. The Sony FX9 camera itself is scheduled to ship now in December, however it will most likely be in limited quantities, with en-masse orders to be fulfilled in January and beyond. The ARRI PCA accessories for the FX9 are due to ship in January 2020 according to ARRI.

The legendary German camera and pro camera accessories maker has been making world-class accessories not just for ARRI branded cameras like the ALEXA and AMIRA ranges, but also “dressed” quite a few popular 3rd party cameras from competitors such a Canon, Sony, and RED.


The Sony VENICE, Sony FS7 and the Sony F5/F55 have gotten the ARRI PCA treatment in the past, and the next logical move for ARRI and their PCA division seems to be to kit out the upcoming Sony FX9 full-frame/large format camera. To learn more about the Sony FX9, and if you have not done so already, do check out this very detailed, 3.5 hours long presentation by Alister Chapman at Vocas in this post here.

The ARRI PCA kits for the Sony FX9 include a Base Set kit (which allows users to keep using the original Sony top handle) and Pro Set kit configuration (which comes with a viewfinder adjustment bracket, top handle, side bracket, an ergonomic shoulder bracket, and E-mount to PL-mount adapter support among others) plus additional compatible accessories.


Individual pieces of accessories included in those kits will also be available to be purchased separately. Each of those sets can be build further with more accessories also compatible with other camera systems.

ARRI has suggested kits for the FX9 they call the LWS E-mount kit for FX9, which includes a QRP-1 Baseplate and a Mini Follow Focus in addition to other accessories. The other suggested kit is the LWS PL-mount Kit, which you can explore here.

kk-0035874-base set arri pca sony fx9

Images by ARRI – Base set for FX9

  • ARRI PCA Base Set for Sony FX9 (part #KK.0035874)
    • this set includes:
    • K2.0034691 – Top Plate for Sony FS7II/ FX9
    • K2.0035830 – Plate for Sony FS7II/ FX9
    • K2.0003899 – Lens Adapter Support LAS-1
    • K2.66253.0 – 2 x 15mm support rods 240mm/9.4in
    • K2.65264.0 – 15mm LWS Rod Console (for top plate or rear mounting)
    • Price:
kk-0035875-1 pro set arri pca sony fx9

Images by ARRI (Pro Set for FX9)

  • ARRI PCA Pro Set for Sony FX9 (part #KK.0035875)
    • K2.0035830 – Plate for Sony FX9
    • K2.0034691 – Top Plate for Sony FX9
    • K2.0003899 – Lens Adapter Support LAS-1
    • K2.0034700 – E-mount to PL-Mount Support for Vocas PL adapter
    • K2.0034709 – Side Bracket Right for Sony FS7II/FX9
    • K2.0034727 – Side Bracket Left for Sony FS7II/FX9
    • K2.0034657 – Viewfinder Bracket for Sony FS7II/ FX9
    • K2.0017270 – Camera Centre Handle CCH-4
    • K2.0019282 – Sliding Adapter for CCH-4
    • K2.0006186 – Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3
    • K2.66255.0 – 15mm Reduction Insert
    • K2.65264.0 – 15mm LWS Rod Console
    • K2.66253.0 – 2 x 15mm support rods 240mm/9.4in
    • Price:

The ARRI PCA kits for Sony FX9 can be ordered as from today from your local ARRI authorised dealers and will be shipping from mid-January 2020.

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