SIGMA Classic Art Prime Cine Lenses Pricing Announced

Sigma announced their Classic Art Prime Cine Lenses just a few months back in September (see post here), and now we also know their pricing and availability. Available only in a set of 10, the new full-frame Sigma Classic Art Prime Cine lenses are expected to become available in January 2020 for $43,999 USD from authorised Sigma dealers. This may sound like a lot of money, and it is, but for 10 modern cine primes with the “vintage look” at $4,400 a pop, all of a sudden it’s quite a good deal for rental houses. Unfortunately, these Sigma Classic Art Prime Cine lenses will not be sold individually and will only be available in a full set of 10 lenses.

Some of you may also recall, when it announced the new Classic Art Primes, Sigma also announced the company will also be offering a PL mount version of the already existing Sigma Art Cine Primes with Cooke/i Technology to aid VFX and post-production teams by providing accurate lens metadata vital for large productions shooting multiple cameras and multiple camera units.

Sigma 85mm_T2.5_FF Classic Art Cine Prime

Images by Sigma

The Sigma PL mount i/ Technology compatible Cine Art Primes will be released in two waves; the Sigma Cine 20mm T1.5, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5 and 85mm T1.5 will be available in late December 2019, and the Sigma Cine 14mm T2, 28mm T1.5, 40mm T1.5, 105mm T1.5, and 135mm T2 will be available in late January 2020.

Sigma PL mount i/ Technology compatible Cine Art Primes pricing:

  • 14mm T2, 105mm T1.5 and 135mm T2
    • will retail for $5,499 USD each
  • 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, and 85mm T1.5
    • will retail for $3,899 USD each

Sigma Classic 50mm_T2.5_FF

Sigma Full-Frame Classic Art Prime Cine Lenses

Sigma’s answer to the growing demand for cine lenses with a more vintage, classic, cinematic look are their new Full-Frame Classic Art Prime Lineup, optimised for the latest digital cinema cameras shooting 4K, 6K, and 8K resolutions with large format sensors, all while still retaining a solid, compact design, and impressive image quality.

Based on the Sigma FF High Speed Prime Line, the brand new FF Classic Art Prime Line incorporates more non-coated optical elements, allowing lens flares, while still offering the highest resolving power in its class.

Here’s a short promo film shot by DoP Timur Civan using the new Classic Art Cine Primes:

The Classic lineup also retains the high resolution capability that Sigma Cine lenses are well known for, and offers a unique combination of low contrast and artistic flare/ghost in the image. The Classic Art Prime Line has also implemented newly developed coatings on the glass elements and offers consistent T value across the lineup (14mm and 135mm at T3.2 and the rest of the lenses at T2.5), greatly contributing to the effective workflow in post-production.

It is compatible with the communication protocol of Cooke “/i Technology,”and thus is an ideal tool for shooting and editing with the latest technology, such as VFX, that call for detailed shooting data. A special coating on the front and rear elements protects the glass element ensuring durability as with all other Sigma cine lenses.

Sigma FF Classic Prime Line Highlights

  • PL mount (/i Technology compatible)
  • Full-Frame/Large Format sensor coverage
  • Image circle diameter: FF 43.3mm
  • Illumination circle diameter: over 46.3mm
  • Focus ring: Marked in feet
  • 95mm front diameter
  • 9-blade rounded diaphragm
  • Sold as a set of 10 lenses:
    • Sigma 14mm T3.2 FF
    • Sigma 20mm T2.5 FF
    • Sigma 24mm T2.5 FF
    • Sigma 28mm T2.5 FF
    • Sigma 35mm T2.5 FF
    • Sigma 40mm T2.5 FF
    • Sigma 50mm T2.5 FF
    • Sigma 85mm T2.5 FF
    • Sigma 105mm T2.5 FF
    • Sigma 135mm T3.2 FF
  • Price for a set of 10: $43,999 at B&H
  • Available: January 2020
SIGMA Art Prime 50mm T1.5 PL

Images by Sigma

Cooke/i Technology-compatible Sigma PL-mount lenses

The new Art Prime PL-mount lenses from Sigma now support Cooke Optics’ /i Technology communication protocol. This is the latest addition to the Sigma Cine lens family for filmmaking in the FF High Speed Prime Line.

The new addition to this prime lens lineup comes with electronic contacts that supports Cooke’s /i Technology communication protocol for Art Prime PL-mount lenses. Sigma will also be offering a customization service to owners of existing PL-mount primes at some point in the future as Sigma begins phasing out the original PL-mount primes.

By using an /i Technology-compatible cine lens with a cine camera that supports the same protocol, users can see and record lens metadata such as focus distance, focal length, and aperture. This helps streamline compositing in post production.

Sigma classic art cine prime full frame lens set 10 price

Sigma /i Technology Cine Prime Specifications:

  • PL mount (Cooke /i Technology compatible)
  • Image circle diameter: FF 43.3mm
  • Illumination circle diameter: over 46.3mm
  • Focus ring: Marked in feet / meters
  • Number of diaphragm blades: 9 (circular aperture)
  • Luminous option for focus ring / iris ring markings

Early versions of the /i Technology-compatible FF High Speed Prime lens were used on big Hollywood movies such as the upcoming Top Gun sequel scheduled to be released in 2020.

To learn more about the new Sigma Classic Art Cine Primes and the i/Technology compatible PL mount Sigma Art Cine Primes head over to Sigma here.

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