Sound Devices 888, 833, and Scorpio Firmware v3.10 Released

Sound Devices has just announced firmware update v3.10 for their 8-Series Portable Mixer-Recorders, including the top of the lineup Scorpio, the Sound Devices 888, and the Sound Devices 833 that many sound recordists and sound mixers will find helpful.

Firmware update 3.10 (or simply v3.10) includes support for the new Sound Devices XL-AES 8 Channel AES3 Input Expander, USB audio input and output, graphical EQ screens, improvements to Sound Reports, reduction in power consumption, and more.

The Sound Devices XL-AES is an optional accessory for the Scorpio, 888, and 833 that provides 8 channels of AES3 audio connectivity through four heavy-duty TA3F input jacks. The accessory mounts directly to the expansion port on the mixer-recorder’s top panel and features a rugged milled aluminium enclosure for years of reliable use.

Sound Devices XL AES 888 833 Scorpio v3.10 Update firmware

Images by Sound Devices

Any of the 8 audio channels may be routed to any channel on the mixer-recorder through the standard channel routing matrix. The Sound Devices XL-AES is priced at $195 and is shipping to authorised dealers such as B&H as of the 17th December.

Additionally, in firmware update v3.10, all 8-Series mixer-recorders can now act as USB interfaces with two channels of audio in and out. A new graphical EQ screen provides sound professionals with a visual representation of their EQ settings.

Sound Devices 833 Mixer Recorder

Images by Sound Devices

Sound Devices 833/888/Scorpio Firmware v3.10 Update: 

  • Support for the new XL-AES:
    • 8 Channel AES3 Input Expander for 8-Series optional accessory.
  • New Headphone Encoder Mode menu option.
    • Users can now change the action of the headphone encoder to adjust headphone volume or presets.
  • New graphical EQ screen when adjusting a channel’s EQ parameters.
  • New USB audio 2 channel input and output via USB-C to Windows and Mac computers.
    • Mac computers allow up to 192 kHz sampling rates
    • and Windows allows up to 96 kHz sampling rates.
  • Edit Scene Name has been added as a PFL switch action and controller learn option.
  • Ability to turn EQ on and off from Sound Devices CL-12.
    • Press and hold LF pot for 500 ms to toggle EQ on and off.
  • Auto Mute outputs on Playback, Stop, and Record.
  • Added power reference option for NP1 data batteries.
  • Sound Report improvements:
    • Unpopulated sound report fields no longer included.
    • Options to only email PDF report, CSV report or both.
    • Option to not zip files when sending reports.
    • Option to populate the Roll name with the Record Folder name. User can still manually override this.
    • Roll name is now displayed at the top of the Sound Report.
    • Date field is now second row from the top, one below Roll Name.
    • Removed Sound Devices watermark to declutter report.
    • Metadata columns now auto-adjust width to contents.
    • Track name column labels renamed to Trk1, Trk2, Trk3, etc.

Other changes include improvements to Sound Reports, auto-mute of outputs in certain transport states (Play, Stop, Record), and various stability enhancements.

If you happen to be an 8-Series user you can upgrade your firmware to the latest version v3.10 by visiting the Sound Devices Downloads Page at

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