7 Dope Features for the RODE Wireless PRO You Should Consider

RODE has taken the filmmaking world by storm with their series of wireless audio systems. They just keep getting better, too, and the latest Wireless PRO steps things up in a way that might make it an invaluable tool for many videographers.

One thing RODE added was internal 32-bit float recording – and they kept it basically the same size!

That feature is just a taste of the list of new functions that were added in this PRO model. If you want to take a look at all the best new features of the wireless system you should watch this video from Tom Antos. He has 7 features he wants to highlight.

If you have seen any of RODE’s other wireless systems the Wireless PRO won’t look all that different. It does come with a nice set of included accessories.

There are two transmitters and a dual-channel receiver, an accessories case, a charging battery case, all your essential cables, a pair of lavaliers, magnetic clips, windscreens, and clips.

The design is familiar, though the 3.5mm jacks are all now locking so you can make sure the mics you plug in are secure. There’s also a new record button on the transmitters, which we will get to next.

1. Backup Internal 32-Bit Float Recording

A brilliant feature is that the transmitters can now function as audio recorders. It’ll even record in 32-bit float so that you don’t have to worry too much about your levels.

The transmitters will record a backup track that is almost infinitely adjustable in post if you need to fix levels. This works with any mic you can plug in as well as the built-in mics. The receiver has a better output jack so that you can better monitor your audio.

RODE Wireless PRO

Image Credit: RODE

2. Advanced Timecode Generator

Helping with the recording function is the timecode generator. This will actually make it much easier to sync up your recordings in post. Syncing up the Wireless PRO to a camera or timecode generator is possible and it has all the options you would expect.

Maybe in the future they will release the timecode features on their own in a much more affordable device for those who don’t need wireless audio.

3. Increased Wireless Range

RODE has given a boost to the wireless range and now says you can work at up to 853’ away. That’s an insane range, but it will likely require ideal conditions and line of sight to work.

Tom tested this out and you will hear that there are dropouts when he turns around, breaking line of sight. However, when he is facing the camera he was able to get almost all the way to 850’ without losing signal.

RODE Wireless PRO Mic

Image Credit: RODE

4. Intelligent GainAssist

Maybe not the most “pro” feature, the Intelligent GainAssist function is useful if you truly want to just set it and forget it. With 32-bit recording you might not need to rely on super precise settings or you might just trust yourself to set levels up front. However, this GainAssist can be configured in plenty of ways and keep your audio at the right levels very well.

5. Long Battery Life

The Wireless PRO will give you a day of recording with ease. It is rated to about 21 hours of use.

6. Standalone Recorder

Operating as a standalone recorder, the Wireless PRO does have some small screens and controls on the receiver so that you can make adjustments to key settings without having to dive into the app.

The transmitters can be used with or without the receiver as well so you can just use it exclusively as a recorder.

RODE Wireless PRO Case

Image Credit: RODE

The RODE Control app will help you manage these files. You can just copy directly from the devices, but if you use the app you can easily convert the 32-bit files into more common 16-bit and 24-bit formats.

Tom actually hopes that RODE will release the transmitters on their own since they can just be very tiny 32-bit recorders.

7. Wireless Headphone Amp

We talked about how the receiver has a better output jack for monitoring. Well, since the transmitters can record and transmit at the same time you can use the receiver as a small wireless monitoring tool.

Can be helpful if you are using something like a shotgun mic where you want to make sure placement is good.

This is a fairly impressive upgrade to the RODE wireless lineup. All these features can make shooting video and recording quality audio a much easier endeavor.

Are you planning on picking one up?

[source: Tom Antos]

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