All Recall Focus Dual Review – Another Affordable Wireless Follow Focus System

All Recall Focus and All Recall Focus Dual are affordable wireless follow focus systems manufactured by the European company Senna Video Equipment.

The US-based indie filmmaker Tom Antos produced an extended, very informative review of the All Recall Focus Dual that has two separate motorized modules that one can attach to a standard 15mm rail system in order to control zoom or aperture and focus ring of the lens simultaneously.

The wireless follow system by Senna Video Equipment is very simple and straightforward to install and control.

Tom Antos was really impressed by the built quality of the follow focus system and also by the functions that All Recall Focus Dual provides. One of the main features of that system is that it has 320 degrees of rotation which in practice makes it useable for work with virtually all cine and DSLR lenses.

Furthermore, you have the option to set both In/Out points of the rotation of each lens’ ring which protects your lens from possible damage. The calibration of the All Recall Focus Dual wireless system allows precise control of the focus even on the DSLR lens.

The Remote Control of the All Recall Focus Dual have 4 dedicated buttons that allow you to set easily up to 4 focus points. There is an additional knob that controls the speed of rotation when switching among the 4 focus points. The wireless system could be controlled from maximum distance of 1,000 feet via the remote control which also features a Night Mode and could be easily navigated in low light situations.

The wireless follow focus system by Senna Video Equipment is powered by the built-in rechargeable batteries that allow at least 4 hours of use. There is an additional power option that includes back up batteries which are included in the pack.

Both All Recall Focus and All Recall Focus Dual systems includes a cool little rail system mount for use on steadicams or a 3-Axis Gimbals.

Here are the specifications of the All Recall Focus Dual

  • Operating voltage  12VDC
  • Operating temperature  0 ÷ 45 °C (or more if connected to power adapters)
  • Battery  Rechargeable 12V, 1200 mAh
  • Motor power output  5VDC, 2A max.
  • Servo motor signal  5V PWM, 40 mA max.
  • Servo motor torque  ≤16 kg ( 35 Ib.)
  • Servo motor speed  0.19 sec/60° without load
  • Servo motor range  ≤ 320°
  • IR remote control
  • Wireless frequency  431 ÷ 478 MHz, frequency is preset on 433 MHz and can not be changed on device, only in factory when ordering, in steps of 200 KHz (235 channels)
  • RF modulation  GFSK
  • Wireless output power  20 mW
  • Wireless range  up to 300 m ( 1000 ft.)in open area
  • Transmitter dimension  8 x 7 x 11 cm   3.1”x2.75”x4.3” (W x H x D) without antenna
  • Receiver dimension  8 x 4,5 x 8 cm   3.14”x1.77”x3.14” (W x H x D) without antenna

According to Tom Antos one of the main downsides of the those wireless follow focus systems is that the motors are a little noisier and you can’t remove one of the modules while using the All Recall Focus Dual system as well.

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