3-Axis Powered Stabilizers for Your iPhone or GoPro Hero4

On the day of the official release of the new GoPro Hero 4 cameras, we’ll explore one option to turn the smallest and most affordable 4K camera into a usable shooting device that could produce some descent professional results as well.

Many filmmakers use the GoPro cameras mostly for aerial shoots, behind the scenes and for B-roll footage, however I’m sure with the new features implemented in the new GoPro 4, including the ability to shoot 4k at 30fps, this is about to change.

DSLR Pros is the one of the companies that strongly believes in the capabilities of the GoPro cameras and this is the main reason why they have produced the first 3-axis gimbals dedicated to those cameras.

The DSLRPros 3-axis GoPro Stabilizer features three different stabilization modes and it’s got a metal handle with a robust design and allows a wide range of motion.

The 3 Shooting Modes are as follows:

  • Heading Following Mode Pitch and roll locked – in this mode heading smooth rotation will follow the direction of the handle.
    • Heading And Pitch Following Mode roll locking –  here heading and pitch smooth rotation follow the direction of the handheld.

  • Locking Mode Heading ,pitch and roll locking – In the last switchable mode the camera will not move in any direction.

The modes can be easily accessed through a single or multiple hits of the button, located in the upper part of the grip on the device.


As any other 3-axis gimbal DSLRPros 3-axis GoPro Stabilizer still needs some time and practice before you could produce some compelling footage, however at the price of $349 it definitely deserves consideration. It’s an intuitive device, easy to set up. Simply insert the three batteries into the handle, attach the camera, press the power button on the bottom  side of the handle and you are ready to go. The gimbal is suitable for  all GoPro models and the brand new GoPro Hero4 Black or Silver as well.

Another product from the DSLRPros catalogue that attracts our attention is the DSLRPros 3-axis Smartphone Stabilizer. According to Jeff Foster from thepixelpainter.com who already had the chance to test the gimbal the 3-axis Smartphone Stabilizer works just like any 3-Axis gimbal  one could find on a drone or other electronic stabilized system for larger cameras.

The 3-axis Smartphone Stabilizer is perfectly balanced to handle a smart phone, it features a spring-grip clap that easily can be adjusted for a variety of phone sizes. However, larger smart phones such as Samsung Note or iPhone 6 Plus won’t fit on the gimbal. The retail price of the DSLRPros 3-axis Smartphone Stabilizer is $299.

Even though those gimbals could be quite forgiving and provide some excellent results in a certain shooting situations we should never forget that smart phones and GoPros still have a lot of limitations. However, the freedom and the creative options they give you – to shoot steady, high production value videos with a device that simply fits into the palm of your hand is quite appealing.

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