Add More Dynamic Effects To Your Project In Adobe Premiere Pro Using Impact Lights

Ok, so you’re ready with your edit, but your client wants to stylize it a little bit more, you are pressed for time, and you need to move quickly. What do you do? Well, there is an easy and super efficient way to add some punch and more production value to your project using the Impact Lights by Rampant Design.

Some time ago, we covered the superb and easy to use Animated 4K Mattes, today we’re going to share another great tutorial where the Visual Effects artist and Rampant Design Lead Creative Sean Mullen is going to show us how to enhance our projects in Adobe Premiere Pro in no time using the Impact Lights.

The beauty here is that you can use the Rampant Drag and Drop Effects in any NLE that supports Quicktime video. In Premiere Pro you should only throw any of the Rampant clips directly on your timeline on separate track, double click the element, go to Effects Control and within the Opacity Tab change the Blending Mode from Normal to Screen, and you are ready to go. You can experiment with any of other blend modes to see what does work best for you and your current project.

If you are working with a 1080p project and you are using the 4K Impact Light Library, for instance, you can shrink the clip down to your timeline’s native resolution if you like by right-clicking on the clip and selecting Scale to Frame Size. You can also use the Impact Lights not only as an effect but also as a transition between the cuts in your edit.

Impact Light consists of 350 2K, 4K and 5K Royalty-Free Quicktime Movies of Real Light Effects shot on the Red Epic. Different versions of the Impact Lights Library can be purchased from the Rampant Shop, or you can test them first by downloading some of the clips for free.

Furthermore, Rampant Design just announced the where you can also download a plethora of free Optical Flares, Light Leaks, Film Flashes, Smoke, Fire, Dust, Embers, Film Effects, Grunge, Distortion, Film Clutter, Glitch Effects, Transitions and more.

On many occasions, especially in the corporate video world, almost every edit just needs some more additional bits of finishing touches that add a layer of style and uniqueness to our work to impress the clients even more. Unfortunately, this effect can’t be accomplished only within the edit. This attention to detail, and the effort to make a better final product makes our work standing out and always pays off in the end.

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