Panasonic Varicam 35 – World Heritage in 4K Series – Croatia

The Varicam 35 is Panasonic’s key and most high-end camera for digital cinematography. Aimed at high-end broadcast and big budget Hollywood movies, the Varicam 35 offers a modular design, 4K Raw, and high frame rates amongst a slew of other high end features and a modular concept. Panasonic have some really neat tricks up their sleeve that they have incorporated into their crown jewell – the Varicam 35 as it offers so much flexibility with dual native ISO’s giving you essentially the same amount of noise at ISO 800 and 5000, which is crazy to even think about hardly realise that its quite a real feature.

Also the dual recording system where one can record simultaneously in camera high quality 4K footage on the main P2 Express cards and then Full HD proxies on the Micro P2 cards will see a lot of editors and post-production supervisors grinning as their work-flow just got much faster and easier compared to other high-end digital cinema cameras.

Here’s a recent behind the scenes video of the camera’s latest outing.


The bountiful nature and the various expressions of water in Croatia were captured in vivid 4K
using Panasonic’s 4K camera, VariCam 35, and the Codex V-RAW Recorder.
This video introduces behind the scenes highlights during the shooting.
Through the interviews of a VariCam 35 developer and users, you will see the features of VariCam 35.

Watch also Shot on VariCam 35: “THE WORLD HERITAGE CROATIA -Echoes of choir in virgin forest and water-”
Visit to keep up to date with the VariCam line.

new Varicam Panasonic 35 4K Shooters

And here’s the actual footage from the Varicam 35 from Croatia:

Shot on VariCam 35: THE WORLD HERITAGE CROATIA -Echoes of choir in virgin forest and water- from Varicam on Vimeo.

The UNESCO World Heritage, Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, was captured in vivid 4K
using Panasonic’s 4K camera, VARICAM 35, and the Codex V-RAW Recorder.
A drop of water transforms into a waterfall and then a lake.

Croatia’s Intangible Cultural Asset, Klapa, helps accentuate the national park’s bountiful nature
and the various expressions of water.

(The original footage was shot and edited in 4K, and then converted to HD.)

The Varicam 35 is a serious 4K broadcast and digital cinema machine, and thus beyond the price range of many indie shooters, however it is worth to see what the camera is capable of through these series of promos that Panasonic released.

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