FlowCine Black Arm 3-Axis Dampening System Available For Pre-Order

If you’ve ever used a DJI Ronin or any other gimbal stabiliser of similar size that can carry a RED Epic or a Canon C300, you know how tiring it can get to operate one. The nature of these stabilisers position the whole weight of the system on your arms and that’s never a good idea in the long run. Thankfully, there are a few companies out there who manufacture accessories for such hand held gimbals that are designed to alleviate some of that load. One of these companies is FlowCine, makers of 3-axis gimbal accessories such as the Serene Easy Rig stabiliser attachment and the 2-Axis Puppeteer.

Earlier today, FlowCine announced on their Facebook page that they are opening the pre-orders for their latest product – the Black Arm dampening system for 3-axis stabilisers such as the DJI Ronin. The Black Arm is a hard-mount stabiliser attachment system made to allow 3-axis stabilisers to be attached to vehicles such as cars, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles and just about anything else that can be driven on roads, snow, or water.

Flowcine Black Arm

There are two versions available at this stage – a Standard and Complete. The Black Arm Standard version is designed to work for gimbals and cameras with weight range between 5-13 kg so basically anything from a Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, to URSA Mini, FS7 etc should work (pending you can balance it on the gimbal that is, and some cameras like the Sony FS700 can be particularly tricky and difficult to balance due to their shape).

The price of the Standard Black Arm is 3,700 Euro. The Standard version can also be upgraded to the Complete version according to FlowCine.

BlackArm03 (1)

The Complete version can withstand higher loads and carries up to 32kg so your Alexa Classics, XT’s, fully rigged Varicam 35s, F55s, RED Epics etc should be fine. The damping action of all axis – vertical, Tilt, and roll is made with custom made actuator hydraulic dampers that are fully adjustable with a turn of a knob in 22 different damping forces, meaning that no matter what load you a applying on the Black Arm, or what kind of action is required, the system is fully adjustable for the best possible damping and lifting capacity.

The Black Arm complete is available to pre-order for 4,200 Euro. You can pre-order both versions directly from FlowCine here (info on how to pre-order at the bottom of their page).

First pre-orders for both versions are expected to ship in the 2nd week of April. Note that FlowCine expect a very limited first batch and require 20% to be paid upfront upon placing an order. Pre-order ends Feb 28th.

Over the weekend the FlowCine crew were showing off the Black Arm and the rest of their kit at the BSC Expo in London. Check out this Instagram post from their account below. You can follow FlowCine on Instagram here.

FlowCine Black Arm BSC Expo

Find FlowCine on Facebook and Twitter and for more info head over to their website.

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