How to Implement and Utilize Lavalier Microphone Stickies In Your Daily Workflow

Bodyworn microphones are another feasible option for those of you who want to capture high-quality sound on set. Even though using a boom mic is preferable by most sound guys, there are occasions when a lavalier microphone could be the only option.

Attaching a lav mic to your talent is a whole different story, though, especially when you need to hide the mic and make it invisible to your camera. Rodney Wilkins of Reinhardt Microphone Accessories showcases how to do so by using a set of small accessories also known as stickies along with a few simple, but extremely efficient techniques to reduce the clothing and friction noise artefacts as well as avoid mic cable rustling.

As Rodney Wilkins suggests, make sure you pick a sticky that has both a dark and a light side. This way it will be relatively easy to hide the lav mic and make it invisible to the camera. Sticking the mic, however, is the first step of the process. The next part is using a fur patch that should be placed on the microphone itself. Just as you would normally use a windshield for your boom mic, this small fur piece can be extremely efficient when it comes to eliminating clothing and friction noise when your talent moves around.

Another approach to reduce those artefacts is by attaching the lav mic directly to your talent’s body as shown below.

In this case scenario, you will also need an S-Patch to hold the microphone’s cable intact. This simple technique is used for years by sound guys as it also known as an efficient method that delivers decent results. Just make sure that you get the cable of the mic as close as possible to the mic’s capsule and make an S-shape with it before you stick the S-Patch on top. Again, you can use a fur patch to reduce the unwanted noise coming from the cable itself as well as your talent’s natural movements and hand gestures.

Ultimately, you can get a Reinhardt’s Starter Pack, which contains a decent selection of handmade accessories that will help you to start right away or you can buy some extra parts depending on your project’s requirements directly from Reinhardt’s official website. The Danish-based company is known for its quality microphone windshields and accessories for pro users, broadcast, film and TV as well as the serious enthusiasts alike.

[source: Reinhardt]

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