Creative Ideas on Implementing a Multimedia Projector in Your Next Project

Looking for new, innovative ways to enhance the visual aesthetics of your next project could be a challenging task. If you’re in a similar position and do have a multimedia projector at your disposal or know someone who does, the odds are you could get some exciting results. Typically, multimedia projectors are quite affordable these days and provide numerous ways to add more production value to any project as long as they are utilised in a different, unconventional manner.

Obviously, the simplest way to integrate such a tool in your next project is by projecting images onto a person or an object. This is a commonly used approach that can make your visuals shine. On this occasion, your projector needs to point in the same direction as your camera. Consider carefully, the images you tend to project, though, as they can have a critical role in your success. You can project those images on either the foreground or background objects in the frame. Also, keep in mind that the best results can be achieved when the rhythm of the music in the video (if there is such) is synced with the visuals that you’re projecting.

Combinations of both foreground and background projection mixed with a few extra light sources could add tremendous production value to your project thus making even the simplest setup look like a million budget production.The music video of Kate B. “Crying for no reason” is just one of the great examples out there that you can use to get some inspiration.

Furthermore, you can also shoot an object while utilising your projector as a backlight. This setup suggests placing the projector and camera against each other while your subject is located in-between. See the behind the scenes of the music video “See” by Tycho that reveals this technique in greater detail.

Tycho – See – Practical BTS from Conor Grebel on Vimeo.

And, the music video itself.

The main idea here is to point your projector directly into your camera lens while placing a sheet of perspex or other opaque material (with a shape cut out of it) between the camera and the projector.

You could experiment with different forms and shapes as well as the light emitted by the projector itself, but as long as you have some animated motion graphics playing in the background and you add some haze from a fog machine or hazer to enhance the effect even further, you are good to go. Of course, you should spend some time on experimenting to get optimal results, but you certainly get the idea.

And, if that is not enough, you can take a look at the mind-boggling music video by Travis called “Moving” where the whole concept of projection is taken to a whole new level. The project reveals the true potential of combining this technology with an incredibly creative idea and ability to create some stunning practical effects without using a single computer generated image. The whole video was captured in-camera below freezing temperatures while band members exhaled into the cold air and as a result the projection showed up in mid-air. Just brilliant!

You should already have a few ideas how to implement a multimedia projector into your next project. If you have any different suggestions related to the topic, though, feel free to share your insight in the comments below.

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