Here’s the First Public Preview of the Innovative Wine Country Camera Filter Holder System

Filter holders are neither new, nor revolutionary by any means as there are already a plenty of those products available on the market, but the Wine Country Camera aims to take this type of accessory to a whole new level. Particularly, the WCC Filter Holder System sports robust trays, easy-to-access clips, and handles thus providing the ability to accommodate multiple filters for greater control over the captured in-camera images by eliminating the necessity of using additional accessories such as rail systems, matte boxes or any other additional gear. This compact and lightweight filter holder simply mounts on the front of your lens, regardless of the size of its filter thread. Here’s the first public preview of the Wine Country Camera Filter Holder System seen in action.

Apparently, the device can accommodate different internal circular polarizers integrated with a dedicated turn knob on the holder unit along with purposefully designed filter vaults that cover the filters providing ultimate side protection and improved handling. The overall design of the holder looks beefy but according to the manufacturer it’s really lightweight and doesn’t get too hot or cold.

Furthermore, the filter vaults create a light-tight seal for the ND located in between, plus they leave the filters in a resting state, meaning there shouldn’t be any image distortion artefacts or light leaks introduced in the captured footage, a common fault of other available systems. On top, there is an additional securing feature that keeps the filter vaults protected making sure they won’t slip accidently once you loosen the locking mechanism.


Ultimately, the Wine Country Camera Filter Holder will be compatible with currently available 2mm 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters. Regarding price and availability, WCC reports the official pricing will be announced soon, whereas the finished product is expected to be available by November. You can find more information about the WCC Filter Holder itself along with the latest updates on the Wine Country Camera’s official Facebook page.

[via: Fstoppers, source: WCC]

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