IBC 2016: Odyssey7Q/7Q+ Monitor/Recorders Now Support VariCamLT RAW

Convergent Design seems to be on quite a roll lately. Only a few days after the company unveiled the latest software update – Titan HD Extract that essentially provides the ability to obtain 3 separate HD feeds while acting as different camera angles from a single 4K/UHD source when using the Apollo and Odyssey7Q/7Q+ monitor/recorders, comes the announcement that the upcoming firmware update for the Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q will support the Panasonic VariCamLT 4K RAW output. This update comes right on time, considering the fact that earlier today Panasonic released a free firmware update to the camera that finally enables this functionality.


Furthermore, Odyssey will support all frame rates and resolutions available for output from the VariCamLT. In addition to the RAW record capabilities, Odyssey 7Q+ and Odyssey7Q users will be able to integrate the Odyssey’s Image Analysis Tools for focus, color, and exposure, as well as the comprehensive Odyssey LUT System. Just as a recall, the VariCamLT can output 4K 12-bit RAW up to 30fps and 4K 10-bit RAW up to 60fps. The Odyssey7Q+ and the Odyssey7Q will be able to capture this RAW data and record it in the CinemaDNG format for further usage in popular NLEs such as DaVinci Resolve 12.5, Adobe Premiere CC, etc.

Keep in mind, though, you’ll need the Odyssey RAW Bundle option installed on the Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q in order to record from RAW data camera sources. In addition to support for the Panasonic VariCamLT, other RAW camera outputs supported include the ARRI ALEXA Classic, Canon C300mkII & C500, Indiecam GS2K, IO Industries Flare 2K & 4K, and Sony FS5, FS7, & FS700 cameras.

Varicam LT PL

The best part is the VariCamLT is added to the supported RAW cameras in the Odyssey RAW Bundle for no additional cost.  The Odyssey RAW Bundle can be added to any Odyssey7Q+ or Odyssey7Q at any time by purchasing an activation key from the Convergent Design website. Permanent activation of the Odyssey RAW Bundle will set you back $995, whereas a one-day rental cost merely $99.

The free firmware update for the Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q is expected to be available near the end of September. You can demo the VariCamLT and Odyssey7Q+ combo in person by visiting Convergent Design at IBC, Booth 12.A34. The company is also doing an IBC 2016 Special by offering a $500 discount on the Apollo option for Odyssey7Q+ through September 25th, which typically costs $1795, but until September 25th you can buy one for just $1,295 directly from CD here.

[source: Convergent Design]

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