Kessler Kwik Rail is a New Portable Dolly System

Unlike conventional portable dolly systems, the new Kessler Kwik Rail features single-piece rails in two different sizes, while keeping the form factor sensible and fit for transport in a civilian vehicle. As in a vehicle that’s not a grip van or a truck. Designed to take the Kessler Shuttle Dolly, and also available in 24-inch or 42-inch long rails, the Kessler Kwik is an innovative rail system that can take both bigger (hello, Varicam LT) and smaller/more compact cameras such as the upcoming Panasonic GH5 (because, why not?), while still remaining portable and highly versatile due to the fact your grip team (which in most cases would be you) won’t have to lay down tracks.

Kessler Kwik rail

Kessler, a prominent player in the smooth camera movement business, are pitching the new Kwik Rail System as quite different compared to similar products on the market.

By eliminating the need for connectors or coupling devices to attach two pieces of rail together” Kessler managed to eliminate unnecessary parts that can get lost and compromise the structural integrity of the dolly rail, and instead designed Kwik Rail to have the rails themselves threaded.

The integrated Kwik Thread design makes the connection between rail sections very secure and incredibly fast, up to four times faster than traditional speed rail – saving time, money and frustration on set.

Kessler forsake steel for the design of the Kwik Rail and instead, opted for some seriously hard aluminium in order to save on weight, while still preserving the structural integrity of the system even when in use with chunkier setups.

The rails themselves feature thread protectors that will ensure your threads are not damaged during travel or in-use. In addition, the legs are available with either flat or spiked ends, to accommodate both studio and exterior work on location.

Kessler-Kwik Hard Transpo Case

The anodised 6061 T6 aluminium schedule 80 pipe used for the Kwik Rail has thicker walls than many other speed rails available, increasing durability and ensuring maximum weight bearing, yet is drastically lighter than traditional steel speed rail. The precision grind on the Kwik Rail is second to none and provides a seamless transition from section to section.

All in all, for small production companies or one-two man bands, the new Kessler Kwik Rail seems like a helluva deal just purely for the transpo-friendly design and natural ruggedness.

The Kwik Rail Leg System starts at $999; while a set of 2 x 24-inch rails will set up back $215. The longer 42-inch rails are $250 for a set, while the hard case sells for $200. You’d also need to consider the cost of the Kessler Shuttle Dolly as well, which is $1100. The cost does add-up, but when you consider the versatility and future time saved on set, it starts to make a lot of sense.

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