Create Striking Scribble Animations Right Inside Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

I don’t know about you, but I see many videos online lately that have some sort of scribble animation smartly implemented into their main composition. It seems that the most common deal breaker for filmmakers, however, is creating these animations inside After Effects as the compositing process itself could be a bit time-consuming and intimidating. Fortunately, you can replicate the effect for the most part right inside Premiere Pro CC as well.

Of course, the Adobe NLE won’t allow you to create much-sophisticated animations, yet you can still do some striking moving lines and animated trails on the fly. For the rest of the elements, you can still use applications such as Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. The next tutorial by Justin Odisho covers some of the basics regarding scribble animations whereas the one produced by the team of will take your workflow a step further by showing off the creation of a bit more complicated forms and shapes.

To start off with the scribble animation, head over to the Effects Panel in Premiere Pro CC and search for the Write-On filter. After you drag and drop it directly onto your clip, you should be able to see all the Write-On settings on the left-hand side of your screen in the Effects Control panel.

You can animate the small dot that appears in your Program Monitor by modifying its position in the frame, so that you can get an animated strike at the end. Simply start with the element that you want to animate. You can move the dot by altering the Brush Position parameters of the filter in the Effects Control panel. Then hit the keyframe icon to toggle the animation and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the position of your animation.

Take your time and be patient as the process can take you awhile depending on the complexity of the element’s movement that you’re tracking. Once you reach the last frame, you can adjust the duration of your animation by tweaking the Stroke Length parameter of the Write-On effect.

Optionally, you can make some further adjustments like changing color, brush size, hardness, opacity, spacing, and more. You can even animate the color properties of the created line by modifying the Paint Time Properties of the line itself just as shown in the video above. In case you want to take you creative process a step further, you can check out some of the more advanced techniques that guys at cover in their in-depth video tutorial below.

As you can see, the creative possibilities with these simple techniques in Premiere Pro CC are virtually endless, so take your time, be creative and have some great fun with your scribble animations.

[source: Justin]

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