End Credits Web Service ENDCRAWL Now Supports 4K

Web-based end credits service Endcrawl now officially supports 4K. This means everyone currently using the service can upgrade their projects and start making unlimited 4K renders in the cloud. For those not familiar with the service, which has been in private beta for a while, Endcrawl is a cloud/web-based service dedicated to making the end credit sequence for your short/feature film or TV project for you.

Now, to some of you this may seem like a bit of a “meh, why do I need this, when I can create them on my own?”, but I am sure that those of you have probably never had to go through the pain and suffering of creating an end credit sequence for a feature film.

End credits can be a nightmare filled with hundreds of entries, job titles, legal disclaimers and such, where every subtle addition and omission (and trust me,  you will have those) necessitates another render, time wasting, and insane levels of frustration. Plus, when you finally finish your film after the pain of production, stresses of post-production, the last thing anyone wants to do is sit down and write a long end credit sequence.

endcrawl end credits web service

Sure, you can create your own end credits sequence in just about all pro NLE’s today, but after making a few in Premiere Pro – I am just about ready to make the jump to something like Endcrawl for my next project.

Endcrawl Features Summary

  • Renders are still unlimited per project. Even for 4K projects.
  • Our cloud render engine is fast.  4K DPX drop in about an hour.
  • The downloads are small, zipping up to less than 1% of their unzipped size.
  • Free 1K renders, 2K for $499 and unlock 4K for $999 per project.

Check out these re-created “Wizard of Oz” end credits using Endcrawl:

So far, over 1,000 productions have used Endcrawl to help finish their movie, and among those are notable indie and studio features, Kickstarter indies, including the 2017 Best Picture winner Moonlight.

The Endcrawl 4kKrollout is a results of extensive testing, which included 37 4K pilot projects for films from Netflix, Sony, and Filmnation.

Endcrawl Q&A:

1. Are renders still unlimited?

Each project gets unlimited do-overs. So yeah, you can re-render those “final” 4k DPX frames 100 times. (And on some jobs, you’ll need to.)

2. How fast are those renders?
Really fast.

4k turns around in about an hour. That’s 60 minutes from clicking “Make My Renders” to downloading fresh, zipped DPX frames. I cannot overstate how much this comes in handy.

2k typically turns around in half an hour.

1k preview renders drop in a few minutes.

3. How huge are the files?
File sizes are surprisingly small.

Even though a five-minute 4k sequence weighs in at around 250GB, those same frames zip up to just 2.2GB. On a fast pipe, you’ll download that in minutes.

4. Why cloud renders?
It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s unlimited. No more tying up your workstation (or needing a beefy workstation to begin with).

More importantly, a lot of applications can barely hack long 2k sequences before they start running out of memory—to say nothing of 4k. Endcrawl eliminates those worries. And it adds live preview and collaboration to the mix.

5. What does it cost?
All projects start on a free-forever tier with preview renders.

To upgrade: $499 unlocks unlimited 2k renders, and $999 unlocks unlimited 4k. Projects stay live indefinitely and can include as many collaborators as you like.

This stands in contrast to end title design services that can run you anywhere from $2,000-10,000. Or the DIY route, which can easily suck 40 or more hours of your time (and still end up looking bad).

For more info and to sign-up head over to Endcrawl.

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