Here’s One of the Easiest and Most Effective Color Grading Tricks You Can Pull Off in Premiere Pro CC 2017

We all love simple and effective solutions, right? Well, here’s another slick color grading trick that you can pull off almost instantly in Premiere Pro CC. OK, maybe you’ll need some time to figure out the best practical use of this effect but it’s a great trick to know, nevertheless.

In essence, it showcases how you can change the entire color palette of any clip imported in Premiere Pro CC by inverting its color channels individually instead of processing them all at once. The trick is really interesting and can be used on multiple occasions as long as it fits the visual concept and aesthetics of your project. Best of all, it will take you less than a minute, plus you can get some surprisingly creative results along the way.

To apply the actual effect, go to the Effects Panel in Premiere Pro CC and search for the Invert effect. Once you apply the filter to your video, you will need to change the Channel setting from RGB to Quadrature Chrominance. That way, you’ll be able to invert each individual color channel of your video. Also, note that the Invert effect uses GPU acceleration for faster rendering which means that you’ll be able to see the changes taking place in real-time.

If you want to switch to the original look of your video, simply change the Blend mode to 100%. Keep in mind that, the higher you set this value, the less the effect affects the layer. For example, if you set this value to 100%, the effect will not have a visible result on the layer. On the other hand, if you set this value to 0%, the original image will show through.

Optionally, you can animate the effect just as you would normally do with any other filter in Premiere Pro CC. All in all, it’s really cool effect, and what really impressed me is the speed and simplicity it brings to the table when it comes to changing the entire look of your video. The only downside is that you can’t control the nuance of the colors as it’s just a simple invert effect.

Ultimately, if you want to have greater control over the image and use other colors rather than purple, you should access the Lumetri Color Panel and do proper color grading tweaks there. If you need to change the entire color palette of your clip randomly for some reason, the above color grading trick is definitely a viable option. Overall, it’s simple, quick and really easy to pull off, indeed.

[source: FilmVentureStudios]

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